The title fight of Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) – Juan Jose Velasco (Arg) was postponed to January 4 5:00pm ET, in which the best representatives of their weight category to date are met. Since one of the fighters only recently began his professional career, the athletes have never fought among themselves.

Judging by the quotation of 2.33, it can be judged that Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) has a better chance of winning this battle, and the probability that Juan José Velasco (Arg) will win is 1.68.

Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) has impressive dimensions, having huge growth and wide arm span. In no previous battle did an athlete even let his opponents close to him, constantly keeping them at a distance and delivering his smashing blows. But, in addition to good athletic data, Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) also has excellent equipment, so it is unlikely that today there is a worthy rival in this weight category. In his last fight, Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) beat the world champion and took over all the champion titles, so this will be the first fight in which the fighter will defend the belts. Throughout his career, Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) has not lost a single fight, scoring nineteen victories by knockout and four more victories thanks to the decision of the judges. Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) is left-handed, but can hit hard with any hand, and most of all, an athlete likes to use a hook, after which no one could still stand on his feet.

Throughout his career, Juan Jose Velasco (Arg) has never become a champion, although there were already 26 fights in the ring, of which 25 won. But, the only defeat was just in the challenging match, when Juan Jose Velasco (Arg) was sent knockout in the seventh round. After that defeat, the athlete spent five fights, and won all of them confidently. If Juan Jose Velasco (Arg) manages to become the winner of this fight, he will get a chance to fight with the current champion. Despite the fact that Juan José Velasco (Arg) is smaller than the current rival, he has a large reach and is seven kilograms heavier. Now the fighter is in very good shape, and a little more than a month has passed since the last fight, and so soon Juan José Velasco (Arg) wants to enter the ring, as he feels the strength to win and continue to fight with the champion. True, Juan Jose Velasco (Arg) is not a puncher, because there were only fourteen wins by knockout, and in most cases it was in battles with clearly weak opponents.

For the title fight of Leonardo Fabio Amitrano (Arg) – Juan Jose Velasco (Arg), a forecast was made by leading experts in this sport, who are confident that there will be no early victory, and the champion will be determined by points.