Heather Watson could not repeat the success of 2015 in Hobart and win the title, but the British managed to reach the semifinals, having beaten the tennis player from the top 10 Eliza Mertens during the tournament. Watson lost to Rybakina, the rival confidently played at the reception, seized the initiative in the draws and tried to dictate her rhythm. Heather broke at a key moment, stopped serving normally and easily gave the last game to Elena. Still, the British got a good game practice before the start of AO and can now count on victory. Plishkova lost the same Rybakina in the semifinals of the WTA tournament in Shenzhen, the Czech often relies only on her powerful variable pitch, regularly goes to the grid to complete the draws. On the back line, Christina looks very weak, so Heather can use this, but provided that she has no problems with the pitch.

Bet and win

Kristyna Pliskova

Since Kristina Pliskova enters the court almost the first year after a break, no one is going to wait for a miracle, because it is clear that more time is needed in order to play in good shape. Before this match, only one match was played, where, although there was a victory, the fans of the tennis legend had to get nervous a lot. Despite the weak class of the opponent, with the score, 2-0 little advantage was not lost. True, Kristina Pliskova again demonstrates her character and perseverance, so she managed to get together and win. Earlier it was possible to see a very good game on clay courts, but now it’s not at all clear what Kristina Pliskova is and whether there are any changes to compete at least for getting out of the qualification in the main draw. According to the last game, we can conclude that everything is in order with the service, but whether it is still possible for Kristina Pliskova to surprise with something is not clear.

Heather Watson

The start of this season could be simply magnificent, because already at the first tournament we managed to reach the semifinals, but the game had to be abandoned due to minor damage. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, so Heather Watson is now back in service and hopes to play better at this tournament. Heather Watson has an unusual style of play, performing many short cuts during the match, so it’s very difficult for opponents to adapt to such a game and act confidently at the rallies. Heather Watson is having problems with serving, but it is unlikely to belong because there is simply no need to heavily load the arm since it was with her that there were minor problems that made him see a doctor. Heather Watson performs most often on hard surfaces, so he has vast experience playing on these courts. Now Heather Watson is on the 38th line of the world ranking, but there are excellent chances to rise even higher.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Pliskova has three wins in her last five matches. You can bet on her win in the match with Watson for 1.82.
  • Watson won four wins in five matches. Bookmakers rated her strength in the upcoming match at 1.96.
  • In personal meetings, tennis players score 1-1. The last time Watson was still at the peak of her career, the rivals held a stubborn three-set match but eventually won Pliskova.

Kristyna Pliskova vs Heather Watson Prediction

Watson has gained a good pace, is now in optimal physical shape. In Australia, the British had enough matches to adapt as much as possible to the local coverage, and in every meeting the tennis player tried to play to the last, did not let the situation go, kept the opponents in tension. It is difficult for Pliskova to give each match, the Czech last three meetings delayed three games. We assume that the girls will sort things out on the court for a long time and break through the horse total. Our prediction is TB (20.5) for 1.71.