Burtens successfully defended the title in St. Petersburg, despite the difficult draw. The representative of the Netherlands made it clear that, unlike many, she could fight the pressure of the media and the stands.

Will Kiki be able to continue performing at such a high level? – Consult our prediction.

At what time are Kiki Bertens and Zheng Saisai to play?
The game time is February 26, 2020, at 03:30 (UTC+3).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Kiki Bertens takes the 6th position and Zheng Saisai takes the 37th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Kiki Bertens have?
Kiki Bertens has won 63.3% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Zheng Saisai have?
Zheng Saisai has won 67.17% of the games as a favorite.

Kiki Bertens

Kiki Bertens’ last defeat dates back to January 27, when in the fourth round Australian Oupen lost to Mugurusa (3-6, 3-6). Starting from the Fed Cup match against Sosnovic (6-7, 6-2, 6-1), the Dutch representative has not lost.

After the title in St. Petersburg, Bertens withdrew from the tournament in Dubai, recovered, rested and continued her success in Doha with renewed strength. In the starting fight against Mukhova, a confident win in two sets (6-2, 6-4) was recorded.

Last season, Burtens created a series of sensations. After all, she not only got the results on the profile soil, but also successfully competed on fast surfaces. Especially the tennis player surprised on the grass, where she repeatedly shot at prestigious tournaments and thus strengthened in the top 10. This year the representative of the Netherlands failed to start, but she did not get upset, because she won the title in Russia soon and returned confidence. It is worth noting that on the fast courts Kiki acts super aggressive, but she makes some mistakes and always has a plan B (can focus on defense).

Zheng Saisai

Before the start in Doha, Zheng Saisai had only won two matches in a less prestigious tournament in Hua Hin.

In Doha, the Chinese tennis player passed unstable at the current season’s interval Vondrousova (1-6, 6-3, 6-2) and the Russian Zvonareva (7-5, 6-1), who only in the first set could play on equal terms with the opponent.

Zheng Saisai had problems in each of the games: with Marketa she failed the first set, with Vera she was close to the first game given, but the Russian could not close the set on her serve. It is very similar to the fact that Burtens will not be able to return to the game if the match starts unsuccessfully.

Saisai started to open herself after 25. After all, before that the tennis player at best alternated victories with defeats at ITF tournaments. But then it was a matter of chance, because some Chinese WTA tournaments gave her special invitations to the main grid and she used them to the maximum. During this time Zheng has made serious progress, because she goes to each match with a specific plan, has its own unique style of play and is one of the best performers of the cut blows. Through which any opponent can make a mistake.

Betting Tips Statistics


  • In two head-to-head meetings Bertens won.
  • Kiki Bertens has a win streak of seven matches.
  • In five of the last seven winning matches, Bertens won with the handicap of under 4.5

Kiki Bertens vs Zheng Saisai Predictions

The starting match played by Bertens against Mukhova showed us that there was no decline in Kiki’s game after the success in St. Petersburg. Zheng Saisai played two games in Dubai, each of which experienced difficulties. Bertens has experience of defeating the Chinese tennis player. We offer a prediction for the victory of the favourite.

  • Our prediction: Kiki Bertens Will Win.

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