On the Challenger in South Africa will play against each other local tennis player Khololwam Montsi and the Russian representative Evgeny Karlovskiy. Bookmakers give clear preference to the tennis player from Russia.

At what time are Montsi and Karlovskiy to play?
The game time is March 11, 2020, at 11:00 AM (UTC+2).

What are the players positions in ATP rankings?
Khololwam Montsi takes the 1579st position and Evgeny Karlovskiy takes the 249th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Montsi have?
Khololwam Montsi has won 50% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Karlovskiy have?
Evgeny Karlovskiy has won 58.49% of the games as a favorite.

Khololwam Montsi

The local talent was born in 2002. By juniors he won a home tournament from category A, which is analogous to the Grand Slam Tournament for adults. As a maximum Hollwam was 12 junior racquet of the world, now it is on the 13th line of the junior ranking. For adults, he was 1597th, and now is the 1579th. It’s worth noting that Montsi still rarely plays on adult tournamnets.

The representative of South Africa debuted in the tour in 2017, then he received a special invitation as the basis of the futures, in the 1st round presented a sensation, then lost to Quentin Robert. Then he played twice in qualifying, in total he played 6 matches in singles and 4 matches in pairs with statistics of 3-3 and 2-2 respectively.

Last year Montsy played only 2 games, first he defeated Marco Brugnerotto in 3 games, lost the starting set and won 2 games in a row on tie-breaks. In the second round, the junior lost to his compatriot Vaughn Hunter, gave the first set and refused to continue the fight because of bad health.

The ambitious athlete has not been on the court in 2020 yet, and will make his debut in the upcoming match in the Challenger category. The player from South Africa does not have a powerful pitch in his arsenal, but he moves quickly on the court. He lacks the stability that should come with age. No experience, either. You have to play more in order to get him.

Evgeny Karlovskiy

Until 2017, the tennis player from Russia practically did not get out of the Futures, recently he has constantly played on the Challengers. The only title at tournaments under this aegis Evgeny won in 2018. At the age of 25, Karlovskiy is the number 249 in the world rankings, he was not above 211 in the world.

Last year the Russian played unstable and only occasionally showed clear results, once played in the final of the Challenger, reached the decisive round of qualification at Wimbledon. On the whole, the season turned out to be very ambiguous.

In 2020, Karlowskiy won 5 matches out of 11, all his successes are related to the Challengers in Bangkok, where Karlovskyy played twice and both times won 2 matches, after which he significantly reduced the turnover. Now the 25-year-old tennis player has a sad series of 4 losses in a row, which began at a tournament in Puna.

The experienced player lost in the 250-nick ATP qualification final, where he lost to Viktor Troicki, then arrived in Bangalore and did not take a set from Italian Filippo Baldi. Then Evgeny played two tournaments in France, he took the starting set from Gerasimov in Marseille on 250-neak, but failed to win the match. Then there was an unsuccessful performance on the Challenger in Pau Challenger and defeat in the starting round from Grenier in two sets.

Karlovskiy specializes in playing open hard, here he won 142 career matches, last year he played 21 games and won 12 times, in 2020 so far 5 wins and 4 failures. The 249 rating number depends on his first serve and is far from being the best on the back line.

Khololwam Montsi vs Evgeny Karlovskiy Predictions

Montsi has a 9.5 coefficient for the victory, while Karlovskiy’s total success is 1.05. We think that the underdog is superior to the favourite not only in motivation, but also in speed. Evgeniy is far from the optimal form and is not set up to beat his opponent very easily. That’s why we advise you to bet on Montsi’s handicap of +6.5 games for 1.84.

  • Our prediction is a +6.5 games handicap of Montsi.

Betting Tips Statistic


  • The players will meet for the first time on court
  • Khololwam Montsi won 2 matches out of his previous 5 but it was in 2019.
  • Evgeny lost his last 4 matches