Uzbek boxer Sanjarbek Rakhmanov has been playing in the professional ring since 2015 and spent all the fights in the USA. Rakhmanov looks bright, but so far has not met with serious opposition. In addition, the defeat by the decision of the judges from the American Marcus Taylor threw the Uzbek in the ratings.

At what time Keith Hunter vs Sanjarbek Rakhmanov fight?
The fight time is February 28, 2020, at 10:45 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Keith Hunter have?
Keith Hunter has 11 wins and 4 loss.

How many wins and losses Sanjarbek Rakhmanov have?
Sanjarbek Rakhmanov has 12 wins and 3 loss.

Keith Hunter

Keith Hunter is a 26-year-old undefeated American boxer nicknamed ‘’ Bounty ’’. At the moment, it is not even included in the top 800 world welterweight ratings, so the fight with Sanjarbek is a huge step forward for this young avenue. Victory in this match will allow him to significantly improve his position.

The American is noticeably larger and looking at him, it becomes amazing how this guy makes the limit of the welterweight division. The height of Keith Hunter is 183 cm (for comparison, the highest of the four champions in this weight category, Errol Spence, is 6 cm lower).

Kit Hunter appeared 9 times in the ring and always turned out to be the winner, but only his extreme opponent had a positive track record.

Keith Hunter artillery does not look more serious, despite 7 knockouts in 9 fights. The Americans managed to persuade such opponents that any trained boxer would be able to. The whale has fast arms, often punches with a right uppercut, but his jab looks uncertain and inaccurate. Hunter is poorly protected and only a low level of opponents did not allow him to be punished for such a mistake.

Sanjarbek Rakhmanov

Sanjarbek Rakhmanov has a height of 171 cm and is inferior to the opponent in the length of his hands.

In terms of experience, the difference between boxers is not so significant, but the Uzbek boxer has already held 13 fights, of which 11 won, 1 lost and 1 tied. Rakhmanov has already boxed with an opponent from the top 100 of this division.

Sanjarbek Rakhmanov is boxing in an aggressive style that does not quite resemble an Uzbek school – constant pressure and strength work on floors. The Uzbek moves a lot and has a good job, and also connects combinations. Rakhmanov has 5 knockouts out of 11 wins, but he hits hard and unpleasantly.

Keith Hunter vs Sanjarbek Rakhmanov Prediction

If American refereeing turns out to be extremely honest, then Sanjarbek Rakhmanov should take the match on points. The Uzbek acts collectively, competently and does not miss hard punches in response. Rakhmanov has a good start so that in the future we will see him against more serious opponents.

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