Pliskova had a pretty good fight against Pera. But you need to understand that from one meeting it is difficult to determine in what form the Czech is now in transit. But the match against Jabeur will be interesting, since Ons is now on the move and is on courage.

At what time are Karolina Pliskova vs Ons Jabeur to play?
The game time is February 26, 2020, at 07:00 PM AST (UTC+3).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Karolina Pliskova takes the 3rd position and Ons Jabeur takes the 44th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Karolina Pliskova have?
Karolina Pliskova has won 86.8% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Ons Jabeur have?
Ons Jabeur has won 71.3% of the games as a favorite.

Karolina Pliskova

Years go by, but Pliskova has not made any progress towards depriving her of the main problems that prevent her from continuing to progress. The thing is that the Czech Republic moves terribly on the court. Of course, she is far from the smallest on the tour, but she just needs to punch a little to the side and Karolina does not know what to do and where to run.

In addition, Pliskova does not always force herself to get the balls. You also need to highlight the offensive style of play, since the tennis player does not keep the ball at all, but tries to quickly complete the rallies and if she does not hit the relegation, she simply runs out to the net.

Pliskova won the title in Brisbane at the beginning of the season, but Pavlyuchenkova prevented her from competing for the victory in the joint-stock company, who removed Karolina from the road in the 1/16 final. After that, the Czech woman tried to prove herself in Dubai, but very very inactive initiated the second match with Rybakina and lost to the young progressing rival.

Now Pliskova demonstrates not the best tennis, the Czech is capable of more. In the first round in Doha, she easily dealt with Pera, but the next rival is able to pat her nerves.

Ons Jabeur

This year the gill pleasantly surprises. After all, the tennis player on the court is laying out at the limit of the possible, runs for those balls that are theoretically impossible to get and has ceased to take unjustified risks. It is because of this that Ons gave too many easy points to rivals, and this is unforgivable in the WTA round.

Now the tennis player in her game focuses on reliability and fully invests only in those shots when the balls arrive at her half-court shortly. Thanks to such a game, Jabeur sensationally played in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open and debuted in the top 50.

Jabeur gained momentum and has been performing very well since the start of the season. Due to the fact that the Ons often have to participate in qualifications, Tunisia does not have enough forces for the final stages. In Hobart, she lost to Muguruza at 1/8, at the AO, she unexpectedly reached the quarter-finals, sending Wozniacki to rest, who ended her career in this match.

In Dubai, Jabeur held two difficult matches, beat Riske, but could not squeeze the tenacious Halep, who tried to change during the match and play as uncomfortable as possible for the Ons.

Betting Tips Statistics


  • Girls played among themselves at the end of last season. Then their match turned out to be stubborn and ended in three games. But nevertheless, due to experience, Karolina Pliskova won.
  • Pliskova completed seven of the last ten meetings in two sets.
  • Jabeur won four out of five games.

Karolina Pliskova vs Ons Jabeur Predictions

There will definitely not be an easy walk for Pliskova, because Jabeur will be able to give a fight on the backline and even dominate the draws. But Czech will traditionally travel at the expense of filing. Therefore, a spectacular duel awaits us, where the intrigue will remain until the last draw.

  • Our prediction: Karolina Pliskova Will Win.