One of the main card events in the UFC 247 tournament will be the battle of Justin Tough against Juan Adams. In the octagon, two knockouts will converge with 100% of early victories. Australian Tafa had just one fight in the promotion and lost him by knockout in the first round. The more experienced American Adams will have his fourth fight in the UFC, and now he goes on a series of two defeats in a row. And our task is to make a balanced prediction for the winning bet.

At what time Juan Adams vs Justin Tafa plays?
The fight time is February 8, 2020, at 09:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Juan Adams have?
Juan Adams has 5 wins and 2 loss.

How many wins and losses Justin Tafa have?
Justin Tafa has 3 wins and 1 loss.

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Juan Adams

The 28-year-old American is also fighting at the professional level since 2017. After three wins by knockout in the LFA promotion, Adams took part in the Dana White’s Contender Series tournament, where he got another early win.

The UFC debut match, nicknamed Kraken, defeated Chris Fe La Roja (TKO 3), but then suffered two defeats in a row – from Arjan Bhullar (UD 3) and Greg Hardy (TKO 1). Adams is a basic fighter but relies more on his percussion skills.

But last year was very difficult for Juan. First, he lost by the decision of the judges to Arjan Bhullar, having suffered the first defeat in his professional career, and then Adams lost by knockout. This time he could not cope with Greg Hardy, having stood against him only 45 seconds. Let’s see if he managed to recover from a severe defeat.

Justin Tafa

The 28-year-old fighter from Australia began his professional career in 2017. Speaking at the XFC promotion, Justin had three fights over two years, each of which won by TKO.

At the UFC, Tafa made his debut in October last year. In a duel against the same knockout Jorgan De Castro, the Australian were “put out” in the first round. Tafa prefers to fight in a stance, counting on his striking power. The skills of his work in the stalls cannot yet be objectively assessed.

Frankly, it is amazing how the meeting between Adams and Tafa got into the main card of the tournament, and even it will take place immediately before the title meetings. Tafa has only one fight in the UFC, and even that has failed. At UFC 243, Justin made his debut in the best league in the world.

Prior to that, on a professional level, he held only three meetings in mixed martial arts, winning all of them. You can’t tell anything more about Tafa, the Australian has gone a little too far in MMA.

Juan Adams vs Justin Tafa Prediction

That fight will not pass all the rounds allotted to him. Juan Adams has superiority in growth and attack distance, so Taf’s chances of success are exclusively in melee.

Adams is a favorite of the confrontation and we agree with this assessment. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Juan is more experienced, this concerns both the number of fights in the UFC and the number of fights in a professional career in general. Secondly, Juan goes on a series of two defeats and there’s nowhere to retreat further, another misfire can lead to expulsion, so in this fight, he will give everything in full.

The outcome of the battle can be decided by one exact hit, as is usually the case in knockout fights.

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