After 2 years in the mixed martial arts, finally, the undefeated and one of the most striking and creative prospectuses of Sean O’Malley, who had previously been caught doping twice, returned. The bantamweight comeback will take place against Jose Alberto Quinones, whom he was supposed to meet as part of the UFC 229 event, but for obvious reasons, this fight was canceled. This time, the confrontation between the unyielding and rich in fights sponsored by a Mexican with a promising American is planned for the undercard of the UFC 248 tournament, which will be held on March 7.

At what time Jose Quinonez vs Sean O’Malley fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 10:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Jose Quinonez have?
Jose Quinonez has 9 wins and 4 losses.

How many wins and losses Sean O’Malley have?
Sean O’Malley has 10 wins and 0 loss.

Kinones’s extreme performance took place 5 months ago, while O’Malley last fought 2 years ago and his form, of course, if there were questions, but during this time he had twice prepared for fights, trained, received a purple belt on the BJ and at the end of the past years flew to the Quintet Ultra event, where he tested his grappling skills. In general, it’s not worth talking about frustrated here. In addition, he, like his rival, had 2 months to go through the camp. The only question that remains open is how much influence was exerted on him by the problems with USADA.

Jose Quinonez

The fighter trains in the halls of the Alliance MMA and Entram Gym. He uses classic boxing and freestyle wrestling as basic martial arts, and he also has a purple belt on the BJ. In fact, it seems to be a versatile athlete who always combines striking with grappling and is not averse to drying the fight near the net.

Quinones did not fight in amateurs, but from the very beginning in the professionals, he met with good opposition in the person of Alejandro Perez and Davi Ramos – the Mexican won against the first counterpart by unanimous decision, and from the second he was defeated by technical knockout.

At the same time, he spent two more battles, which he completed with TKO victories. With a 3-1 record, Jose Alberto went for the 1st season of TUF Latin America. As part of the television project, the fighter scored Bentley Syler and outplayed Marco Beltran with a total, having received a contract with the UFC and the final of the competition, where he was expected to meet in person with old acquaintance Alejandro Perez.

Again Kinones could not defeat his compatriot – he unanimously overcame the points over him. This did not bother the Mexican, who subsequently issued a strick of 4 wins, submissive to Leonardo Morales and by unanimous decisions proved stronger than Joey Gomez, Diego Rivas, and Teruto Ishihara. The soldier’s win strike was interrupted by Nathaniel Wood, who caught him at the reception, the defeat from which he leveled in a final duel with a total win over Carlos Huachin.

Sean O’Malley

First of all, the American prefers to work in a rack, has excellent combinatorics and timing. Fighting is also not his weakness. Having a purple BJJ belt, and training at the MMA Lab, he is able to compete on the ground, where he often transfers himself and where he is dangerous with his submission skills.

Unlike his opponent, O’Malley fought at an amateur level – only a year and a half, but during that time he collected a record of 9-2, winning the FFL and ICF titles. After moving to professionals, the prospectus continued to perform at Intense Cage Fighting, where he lightly collected a 5-0 record. However, it was not so difficult to do this by measuring strength with the local opposition, which left much to be desired.

After defeating Irwin Velos at the Beatdown 20 event, Sean knocked out David Nuzzo at the LFA 11 tournament, and then upset Alfred Khashakhyan on the contender of Dana White, confirming his willingness to fight in the UFC. Under the auspices of the best fighting organization in the world, he unanimously dismantled Terrion Weir and Andre Suhamtat unanimously on points, subsequently getting up because of problems with USADA, a downtime that took a long time.

Jose Quinonez vs Sean O’Malley Prediction

Sean has an advantage in height and span of 7 and 8 centimeters respectively. He perfectly changes the racks, inflicts a lot of punctuated punches, works faster and more accurately and defends himself well, trying not to get involved in exchanges. Jose Alberto is less active, misses a little less than he does, constantly circling near the opponent without good progress, likes to stand near the net and tinker with the ground. Disassembling an opponent like O’Malley needs constant pressure.

Alfred Khashakyan tried to take him in a similar way and had his moments, but after a few missed blows he reduced his ardor. In the best way, an American reveals himself precisely in the presence of free space, while Kinones is not used to working as an aggressive number one, this is not his style. At the same time, Sean works well near the net and no worse in the stalls, where the abilities of the fighters are approximately at the same level.

  • Our prediction: Sean O’Malley Will Win.

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