On Saturday, February 8, 6:15 p.m. ET, Toyota Center in Houston (Texas), the long-awaited mixed martial arts tournament UFC 247: Jones vs Reyes will be held. In the main fight, spectacular representatives of the light heavyweight division from the United States will meet. Both fighters are very technical athletes, have a large percentage of early victories. And for a successful bet on the upcoming match, we will try to form an expert prediction. Jones is the defending UFC light heavyweight champion, while Dominic Reyes will try to take this title from him.

At what time Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes fight?
The fight time is February 8, 2020, at 6:15 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Jon Jones have?
Jon Jones has 19 wins and 1 loss.

How many wins and losses Dominick Reyes have?
Dominick Reyes has 12 wins and 7 loss.

Jon Jones

John Jones is a legendary fighter whose success could not be overshadowed even by doping scandals and problems with the law. Recently, if the name of John Jones sounds, then as a rule a discussion begins not of his sporting merits. He is called exclusively a deceiver, a bully and a drug addict, who leads everyone by the nose and he gets away with it. But let’s put these issues aside and talk exclusively about the sports component.

John “Bones” Jones fought his last fight in July 2019 against Thiago Santos defeating him by a separate decision. That fight showed that he was not so invulnerable. Tiago Santos rolled up a real slaughter. A lot of UFC fans still believe that it was the Brazilian who was to win that fight, and not lose it by a separate decision of the judges. Most importantly, Jones began to fight a lot more carefully. He prefers to lead his fights in the stance despite the fact that he is a basic fighter. Magnificent takedowns, excellent control, the sharpest striking elbows – that is what John Jones has always been famous for. Yes, he raised his stance to an unprecedented level. Great kicks and arms, great timing. He will have an advantage in hand span over his opponent of 19 centimeters.

For the first time, Jones’ foot entered the cage back in 2008, he has 25 victories and 1 loss. Despite the fact that Jones’s statistics include one defeat, in fact he continues to be undefeated. The only loss was counted as a result of disqualification in a fight with Matt Hamill: “Bones” dominated throughout the fight, but flew away due to a forbidden elbow strike. Another Jones fight was declared invalid – in 2017, he defeated Daniel Cormier by knockout, but failed the doping test, as a result of which the result of the battle was canceled.

Each time it is harder and harder for him to find an opponent. Jones’ secret to success lies in his natural talent. The champion quickly learns new elements and successfully applies them in the octagon. From John you can see the world-class wrestling, the appearance of kicks, distance elbows, one of the best ground-end pounds in the UFC. In addition, the American is very physically strong, it is almost impossible to transfer to the ground or to keep in the clinch.

Dominick Reyes

Dominic “The Destavator” Reyes is remembered for us in a fight with Volkan Oezdemir. So far, he has no defeats, but the fight with Oezdemir was frankly puzzling, because so far many believe that Volkan did not lose that fight to put it mildly, and the judges took and gave Reyes a victory. And then there was success in the confrontation with the nonsense Chris Weidman, who decided to change the weight category, but forgot to change the crystal jaw to concrete.

30-year-old Reyes is located on line 4 of the light heavyweight division. He began his professional career in 2014, has 12 wins and without a single defeat. He made his debut in the UFC organization in 2017, winning 6 fighters in the promotion.

The Destavator makes no loud statements, realizing that Jones is the most dangerous opponent in his career. Previously, Dominick exceeded his rivals in size and anthropometry, but now you have to pull out the battle solely due to skills and tactics. Perhaps additional pressure on the applicant has the fact that he never lost.

Dominick has a very non-standard technique, which can cause problems for the champion. The American works from the left-handed stance, often punches repeated single punches from the left and uses middles, haikiki and lowkicks. Reyes has established himself as a skilled counterpuncher, repeatedly catching opponents with counter uppercuts.

Betting Tips Statistics and Head to Head

  • Jones is a very technical fighter who easily adapts to any opponent.
  • Jones is the biggest UFC arm span and he uses it expertly.
  • Recently, Jones has moved away from aggressive attacking tactics and focuses on defense, skillfully using the mistakes of his rivals.
  • Reyes’ main trump card is his incredible stamina – before the start of his career in MMA, the fighter was a football player. The former football quarterback began his career at the UFC with three early victories.
  • “The Devastator” will have to carefully calculate his strength and show flawless timing. He has a smaller arm span than Jones 19 cm.
  • If the battle moves to the ground, then Jones will most likely win.
  • Jones’ recent speeches indicate that the fight may be delayed – it is worth considering this when placing bets.
  • John Jones only defended the title 12 times, while Dominic Reyes only 12 fights in the professionals.

Jones vs Reyes Prediction

Jones, despite all the talk about his athletic decline, is still the best. Dominick Reyes has never met a fighter of Jones’ level. How does he fit exactly in the head to this confrontation? Everyone remembers what they expected from Anthony Smith. And what was in his fight with Jones? He just walked behind the champion like a goby on a rope, and as a result, completely resigned to him. Reyes is a pretty intriguing opponent for Jones, but “Bones” should be able to take advantage of his experience and kill everything that “The Devastator” has prepared for him.

The favorite among bookmakers is Jones with a coefficient of 1.288, and Reyes’s wins are estimated at 4.12. This time the champion must demonstrate all his power. Perhaps this is his last light heavyweight fight. Most likely, if he wins another battle, he will rise to heavy weight.

Our prediction: John Jones will win.

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