Ukrainian light heavyweight Nikita Krylov will hold his next fight against Johnny Walker at the UFC Fight Night 170 tournament, which will be held March 14 in Brazil at the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium arena. Despite the fact that both fighters lost their last meetings, the bookmakers decided to give preference to an unpredictable Brazilian.

At what time Johnny Walker vs Nikita Krylov fight?
The fight time is March 14, 2020, at 05:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Johnny Walker have?
Johnny Walker has 17 wins and 4 losses.

How many wins and losses Nikita Krylov have?
Nikita Krylov has 25 wins and 7 loss.

Johnny Walker

Johnny’s first loss to the UFC not only did not overshadow his future in the promotion but, on the contrary, made his fans more interested in his performances. And if Krylov does not even expect to ever fight for the titles, then Walker does not hide his ambitions and will be maximally charged for the battle, just to prove to his Brazilian fans that the defeat to Anderson is only an accident and the consequence of imposing fighting.

Despite the fact that Walker is just starting his career as a showman from the UFC, he is already well versed in how to properly work for the public. But his sharp and unpredictable attacks, lowered arms and stunning jumping with a knee – this is not just part of the performance, but an effective weapon that allowed the Brazilian to knock out even the strongest opponents.

However, it is highly likely that in the upcoming fight Walker will not rush at the opponent from the first seconds, but will try to push him to the net. Let’s not forget that Johnny has a brown belt in jujitsu, so he is unlikely to give Krylov his back and allow him to dominate the stalls. And looking at how motivated Johnny is now, there is no doubt that he will try to finish Nikita in the second round.

As soon as the bookmakers give detailed lines to this match, you can safely bet on its early completion. Of course, I would not want to give preference exclusively to Walker, who, as he showed, can also “flirt” and sag during protracted attacks, however, Nikita will have an extremely difficult time with such a tall and extraordinary opponent: I suppose that Walker can deceive the Ukrainian and the fight will end with a series of punches and finishing, without suffocating or painful.

Nikita Krylov

In 2012, Nikita Krylov blew up the world of Ukrainian MMA, having carried out an amazing series of wins. In just one year, he took part in 13 fights, of which he won 12. And despite the fact that Krylov is a basic Kyokushin karate, he successfully combined biting and hard punches with sambo painful and suffocating and finished all the opponents in the first round.

A series of successful performances helped Krylov attract the attention of the largest fighting organization in the world. Already in August 2013, he signed a contract with the UFC for 4 fights, however, he lost two of the first three fights to Ovince Saint-Pre and Soa Palelei. But then the situation changes dramatically, and Nikita begins to win, however, his salary expectations still did not coincide with the assessment of the promotion management, so for two years, the fighter leaves to speak in the Russian Fight Nights Global.

As for the return to the UFC in 2018, everything turned out not so well here as Krylov expected. Of the last three fights, he lost twice, so the meeting with Walker will be decisive for him, because it is unlikely that the promotion will give him another chance after such a series of failures.

So why does betting on Krylov’s defeat seems logical? Obviously, the bookies were embarrassed by Nikita’s slowdown after returning. But even despite the loss from Tesheira, their duel turned out to be spectacular, and the Ukrainian did not look like an obvious outsider. However, Walker is now too unpredictable, and his last defeat only summed up a series of 10 confident win. The main thing that Krylov will focus on is counterattacks and defense against Walker’s jumps, which have already become his main and most dangerous weapon. The main key to win for a Ukrainian can be a competent transfer to the stalls and back control.

Johnny Walker vs Nikita Krylov Prediction

Compare the rivals. Johnny has an edge in size. It is 5 cm higher and its leverage is 11 cm longer.

Nikita has advantage inexperience. Johnny just recently moved to the UFC and did not pass the strength test.

We will say about Krylov that he is not a stable fighter, but has the universal qualities of a fighter. And no one is already surprised when Nikita fights wrestlers, the Jitsers submission while having a melee base.

Both have not the best fighting IQ. Walker compensates for this with incredible power. And Krylov also adds his skills to this.

Johnny has been knocked out three times in his career. Nikita just once. Since then, the “holder” Krylova did not fail. From the side of psychology, Walker’s last defeat could have knocked down. Nikita lost competitively.

The stalls are clearly superior Krylov. Nobody tried to translate Walker yet. But if he finds himself on canvas, then the Ukrainian will not be confused and will be able to throw a submission.

Many advantages on the side of Nikita. But some points even the odds. This is the instability of the Ukrainian and the unreal power in the blows of the Brazilian. So we are betting on the early completion of the battle in the first two rounds. And outside of the bets, we predict an early victory for Nikita Krylov, but we will not advise him. There were enough arguments.

  • Our prediction: Johnny Walker Will Win.

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