Follow the Tennis match between Jil Teichmann and Julia Görges live. The match starts at 03:30 on 09 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

Jil Teichmann

Last season with full confidence could be called a failure in the performance of the Teichmann. After all, she performed extremely unstable throughout the year, with serious differences, which is only worth her series of defeats from seven matches. But the representative of Switzerland managed to leave due to two successful tournaments. After all, at first, she sensationally won her debut title in Prague, where she closed all the applicants on her way. And then no less surprised everyone in Palermo, because in the finale in the literal sense of the word, Kiki Bertens was unclassified. And that’s all, there’s nothing more to remember since at the other tournaments the tennis player performed with serious drops and hardly passed to the final stages. At the moment, Gilles Belen is in the top 70, but this does not mean anything. After all, if she really wants to claim something serious, then for any price it is necessary to improve the results. And not for months to lose everything and hopes to shoot somewhere. It should be noted that although the Swiss spend a lot of time on all surfaces, she successfully performs only on the ground. Will Teichmann improve the results this season?

Julia Görges

There was a period when Görges suddenly decided to catch up and made her debut in the top 10. It happened in 2018, then she unexpectedly shot at Wimbledon, where she reached the semifinals, won the WTA tournament in Auckland, and repeatedly performed in the final stages. Then the German set a personal record in the ranking (9th position), which is unlikely to be able to beat. After all, 2019 turned out to be a failure, she again began to repeat old mistakes, to alternate victories with defeats. And she returned to the top 50, where she spent almost her entire career. It should be noted that Julia was not able to fully realize herself, but all because of the fragile organism. It is enough for her to overwork or to speak without rest, as this immediately gets out another injury. Another need to highlight the instability of a tennis player, because it is difficult to expect anything specific from her. Görges can go out and take his rival off the court, or he can shoot out or net every second blow. And all due to the fact that the German did not learn how to act in a variety of ways and does not have a plan “B”. If the blows and service did not go, then it continues to act as well, because it cannot offer anything else.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players will meet for the first time on the court.

Jil Teichmann vs Julia Görges Predictions

Görges liked the match against Minnen, despite the mistakes made. After all, she constantly pressed on the opponent at the reception, confidently filed throughout the meeting and got a fairly easy victory. Teichmann feels uncomfortable on quick surfaces because he is trying to rebuild, act more aggressively, but nothing comes of it, because she lacks power. If Görges will play in the upcoming confrontation at the same level as against Minnen, then the German will win an easy victory.