A complaint of fraud has registered against Fine about his move to Fulham in July 2018.
Seri, who is on loan in Galatasaray, combined the Craven Cottage club combined with Maxime Le Marchand for a fee of around $25m.
The breakdown of that fee given at the time – according to Seri’s lawyers was $12m for Seri and more than $12.6m for Le Marchand.
On the other hand, the midfielder claims the Ligue 1 club defended him in order to avoid paying him a”transfer superior” bonus and says he’s owed at least $700,000, while demonstrating that a number of his previous clubs would also be entitled to damages due to various sell-on clauses plus a FIFA solidarity taxation, which might take the figure to more than $1m.
His attorneys claim that, according to a report by the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) Football Observatory, should Fulham paid almost $25m for the 2 players then $18.7m would”correspond to the transfer value of Mr Seri” together with another $6m into Le Marchand’s.
A statement from his attorneys said:”In accordance with this information offered to Mr Seri, setting up a’double transfer’ to Fulham FC OGC Nice was thus able to grossly underestimate the quantity of transfer brought on by Fulham FC with regard to Mr Seri and correlatively – disproportionately hamper the transport amount about Mr Le Marchand.
“At the end, Fulham could have paid an amount of $12m to get Mr Seri… and more than $12.6m for Mr Le Marchand. For it is obvious that these numbers are quite odd.
“To illustrate the value which both of these players represent in the eyes of both Fulham FC, it is enough to point out the salary awarded to Mr Seri is roughly three times greater than that allowed to Mr Le Marchand.”
That this claim has been denied by nice and Sky Sports News have contacted Fulham to get a reply.
Ineos actually owns the French club, the power team run last month, by billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, who completed a takeover.
Seri’s statement included:”Mr Seri hopes that Ineos, which didn’t own OGC Nice at the right time of these events, will be eager to shed full light on this matter very quickly.”

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