On the night of January 11, 2020, at 11 p.m. ET a professional boxing tournament will be held in San Antonio (Texas, USA), in the main event of which will meet former world middleweight champion Jaime Mungia and Harry O’Sullivan. For the Mexican, this will be a debut in the middleweight category. Let’s see how he passes this test. Free prediction for the fight Mungia – O’Sullivan read on our website.

  Gary O’Sullivan Jaime Munguia
Country Cork, Ireland Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Date of Birth July 14th 1984 1996-10-06
Age 35 23
Height 5’10” 6’0″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
W 30 34
L 3 0
KOs 21 27
Draws 0 0
Total Bouts 33 34
KO 64% 79%

Mungia is approaching the upcoming fight as an undefeated former world middleweight champion. Oscar De La Hoya (Mexican promoter) is making big plans around Jaime for 2021, so now he is choosing the safest options. O’Sullivan went through the peak of physical condition, although in his best form he could hardly compete with Mungia.

Jaime Munguia

The 23-year-old prospect from Baja California (Mexico) made its debut in the professional ring in 2013. For 5 years, promoters systematically “led” Jaime to the title fights – the young fighter successfully dealt with the “passing” opposition, having won 26 victories, in t .h. 23 ahead of schedule. In February 2018, he won his first title, WBC Latino, knocking out Argentinean H.K. Paz in round 3.

The real test of Mungia’s abilities began on May 12, 2018. On this day, the Mexican met with the current WBO world champion, American S. Ali (26-1), and took away his champion belt (knockout in round 4). Subsequent fights, in which Jaime defended the title 5 times, showed that the Mexican did not accidentally hit the tops of the Middleweights.

Among the defeated applicants, there were no more “middle peasants” – Briton L. Smith (26-1) lost on points, Canadian B. Cook (20-1) was knocked out in 3 rounds, the unbeaten Japanese T. Inoue (13-0) lost on points, the Irishman D. Hogan (28-1) lost on points, the Ghanaian P. Alloti (40-3) lost by knockout in round 4 (07/14/2019, the last fight of Mungii).

In total, Jaime held 34 matches (34 wins, including 27 KOs). The coaching staff has a father, Jaime Mungia Sr., N. Alvarez and R. Alcazar. The promotion company is Golden Boy.

Jaime Munguia Statistic

  • Fights: 34
  • Wins: 34
  • Lost: 0
  • Knockout: 0
  • Draws: 0

Hary O’Sullivan

The Irishman’s professional career, which lasts since 2008, did not bring him high-profile victories and titles (he won the secondary titles of WBO International and WBO Inter Continental). But, despite the absence of the highest achievements, Gary was never considered “easy prey”, having won 30 victories in 33 battles (21 KOs), losing only to the tops – B. Saunders (on points), K. Eubank ml and D. Lemieux (ahead of schedule). Among the significant ones, knockout victories over N. Nunez and A. Douglas.

The last 2 matches, against G. Gorbits (12/07/2018) and H. Gray (03/16/2019), Gary won (by technical knockout against Gray). O’Sullivan is 35 years old, right-hander, height 178 cm, arm span 175 cm. Lives and trains in Cork (Ireland). Included in the TOP 30 best fighters of the super welterweight division. Nicknames “Thorn”, “Celtic Warrior”.

Hary O’Sullivan Statistic

  • Fights: 33
  • Wins: 30
  • Lost: 3
  • Knockout: 2
  • Draws: 0

Jaime Munguia vs Hary O’Sullivan Prediction

The Mexican looks like a favorite – a win-win series of 34 fights, the owner of one of the highest professional boxing titles, 12 years younger than the opponent, anthropometry advantage, an impressive percentage of early victories (79%), high motivation.

The arguments of the “Celtic Warrior” that can cool the ardor of Mungia are experience, fighting character and knockout blows from close range. A typical slugger, Gary is not inferior to his opponent in speed and holds well in the final rounds.

Both fighters are not distinguished by flawless actions in defense, relying more on striking power. If Mungia manages to wage a battle at long and medium distances, without getting involved in exchange, then Gary’s arguments will not work.

Youth, passion and faith in the destructive power of their hooks and crosses, can play against the favorite. Mungia is making its middleweight debut and its chin strength has not been verified by anyone. Of course, O’Sullivan’s victory will be considered a sensation, but a place for her is visible.

  • Gary O’Sullivan +900
  • Jaime Munguia -2500