The main event of the UFC 248 tournament will be the battle of Israel Adesanya against Yoel Romero. The Nigerian champion Adesanya has never lost a mixed martial arts fights in his career. Cuban Romero spent almost his entire career in the UFC promotion, but did not own the championship belt. Spectators expect a classic confrontation between techie and puncher, while the bookmakers do not doubt the success of the Nigerian. And our task is to make our own prediction for a successful bet.

At what time Israel Adesanya vs Yoel Romero fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 11:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses does Israel Adesanya have?
Israel Adesanya has 18 wins and 0 losses.

How many wins and losses does Yoel Romero have?
Yoel Romero has 13 wins and 4 losses.

Israel Adesanya

30-year-old Adesanya takes the sixth line in the unofficial rating of Pound-4-Pound. The Nigerian has been fighting since 2012, and in the UFC promotion since February 2018. Israel held seven fights at the organization’s tournaments, in six of them he received bonuses for the best fight or the best performance of the evening. And his fight with Kelvin Gastelum was recognized as the best fight of 2019.

Adesanya won the middleweight title at the October UFC 243 tournament, knocking out Robert Whittaker. Israel is a basic kickboxer with excellent timing and a sense of distance. He effectively protects against takedowns and can knock out an opponent with a one-shot.

What exactly is the main feature of Israel? First of all, his unique work at close distance. Despite the natural anthropometry, the length of the arms and legs, Israel is not afraid to get close to rivals, while most tall fighters try to work at a distance and shoot with sharp jabs and lowkickes.

In addition, the Adesanya feels the octagon perfectly, always trying to dominate the center and independently disperse attacks, instead of working as the second number. However, it is difficult to say that he has a phenomenal speed of hands. The thing is rather that the rivals do not see the beginning of the technical strikes of Adesanya and simply are not able to react in time. This may be the main problem for Romero, who in extreme fights kept an eye on his opponents for too long before exploding.

Yoel Romero

Professional record 13-4. A Cuban athlete performing professionally at the time when little Adesanya, at the age of 11, moved to New Zealand with his family. The silver medalist of the 2000 Olympic Games in freestyle wrestling, but wrestling is extremely rare moment in his manner.

Despite his age (42 years), he still fights at a professional level, and those to whom he lost in the last 3 fights are restored after the fight at least for half a year (Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa). If Romero has an excellent weight loss, then he will show good endurance and explosive strength. He is like a rocket, which should take off on anyone, just no one knows at what point.

There is no doubt that in the March battle with Adesanya Romero will again recollect all the grappling skills and will try to direct the fight to the ground right from the first minutes. The Cuban is physically unable to hold all 5 rounds up and is unlikely to be able to get ahead of the New Zealander’s high-speed strikes. Therefore, the bookmaker offers a bet on his victory with a coefficient much higher, than the opponent. However, experience is also important, and if Israel relaxes even a little on the floor, it can fall into the hands of a beast that will not release him until he returns the coveted belt.

Adesanya vs Romero Prediction

Mobility, technique and superiority in the attack distance will allow Adesanya to control the course of the fight, working as the second number. Romero is unlikely to change his headhunter tactics because 42-year-old Cuban can waste his energy very quickly. Robert Wittaker managed to avoid most of Romero’s most powerful bombs, and the lighter on his feet and technical Adesanya, at least, should not perform worse than the Australian.

  • Our prediction: Israel Adesanya Will Win.

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