Esports. Dota 2. DreamLeague Season 13: Leipzig Major. Group stage.

Opening the competition in group C will be a match between Invictus Gaming and Reality Rift. An obvious favorite against the outsider of the entire tournament. We explain why the game will be interesting.

Invictus Gaming

After they took the slot to DreamLeague Season 13, Invictus Gaming managed to play WESG 2019, where they showed an excellent game and in the end, they lost only PSG.LGD, but before that, all bo3 won.

The final tournament was the China Professional League S1, which took place from January 4 to 7. Here, the guys performed in preparation for the future major, testing various connectives and schemes, so the result is not so important.

In general, the team’s class is visible, and the potential of the players is known to everyone. Invictus Gaming has a fairly strong team with strong performers. In addition, each of the players has a large pool of heroes, which creates certain difficulties for the opponents.

Of course, the main chips that Invictus Gaming is preparing have been tested at Bootcamp. Not the fact that we will see them on the first day. But the Chinese team is serious about the tournament in order to earn as many DPC points as possible. After all, the team has a task – getting to The International 10. And the sooner it can be solved, the better. And for this, you need to win.

Reality Rift

It’s an interesting enough team, but I want to immediately make a reservation that it is unlikely to qualify for particularly high places.

Although, the guys easily overcame the qualifications for their region, where they left the first place in the group, and there were teams like TnC, Geek Fam and Team Adroit. A solid selection of rivals, right? Then the guys beat Cignal Ultra and have already earned the coveted major slot. For such a tournament, the team leader even hired a psychologist for the guys who had previously worked with several clubs in the German Bundesliga.

I want to cancel that the team shows a great game. The guys perfectly understood this meta, which increases their chances of a decent performance. It will be any, most importantly – not the last place. It remains only to understand whether the guys from Reality Rift will play in the same aggressive manner as in the qualifications, or whether they will be afraid of a more eminent opponent … We will soon find out.

Invictus Gaming vs Reality Rift Head to Head

For many, this will be surprising, but both teams have never played in-person matches between themselves. To open a new confrontation between teams in the major is a great opportunity.

Invictus Gaming vs Reality Rift Prediction

The first matches at all tournaments very often bring us surprises. Someone is just starting to swing, and some still continue to test their strategies. The bookmakers for themselves clearly decided that Invictus Gaming is a clear favorite here, which made me look for different options for bets.

Immediately wanted to pay attention to the Reality Rift. Namely, consider the option with a positive handicap for an outsider. Handicap (+1.5) on the cards goes for a frantic coefficient of 3.0. You can try to play this. But without fanaticism. Purely for fun.

There is also an assumption that the first card will be a little sticky, so the teams will have time to collect a sufficient number of frags. Let’s look at the bet on Reality Rift – the 1st TB card (17.5) frags for 1.89. Not bad at all.