A part of this Inter Milan ultras team’Curva Nord’ have insisted the monkey chants directed at Romelu Lukaku by Cagliari fans weren’t supposed to be racist.
After he had been abused during Sunday’s 2-1 triumph lukaku, who signed in Manchester United Inter last month, he required action from the Italian football authorities.
A group known as’L’Urlo Della Nord’ say Lukaku”must know” that – at Italy – lovers have”ways simply to help our teams and also to attempt to produce competitions nervous” – and they do not believe them to be more displaced.
In an announcement on Facebook, the team said:”Hello Romelu, we’re writing you on behalf of Curva Nord, yes the guys who welcomed you at your birth in Milan. We’re very sorry you believed that what occurred in Cagliari was racist.
“You’ve got to understand that Italy isn’t like many other north European nations where racism is a real problem. We know that it could have appeared racist to you but it’s not like that.
“In Italy we utilize some”ways” just to”assist our crews” and to try to create our opponents nervous, perhaps maybe not for racism but also to jumble up them.
“We’re a multi-ethnic buffs business and we have consistently welcomed players from everywhere. We have used that’manner’ before with different teams’ players and we will in the future.
“We are not racist and so aren’t the Cagliari fans.”
The statement went on to assert that fans behave differently in stadiums, and that the struggle against racism should not begin in soccer stadiums however in colleges than in the external world.
On Tuesday, the Italian league’s disciplinary judge says he had more evidence before making a decision if Cagliari should be penalized for its chants, that judge Gerardo Mastrandrea did not refer to “racist” in his weekly report.
Lukaku converted the winning penalty from the match, and then as they led the monkey chants in him glared at home fans behind the goal of Inter.
Everton forward Moise Kean was subject to racist abuse since was when he played against Cagliari last season.
The team did not sanction Cagliari for incident, nor did if the supporters of precisely the identical team abused Sulley Muntari in 2017, they perform so.

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