IIHF 2020 – Ice Hockey World Championship Predictions, Betting Tips

We bring to your attention the schedule of matches predictions, and betting tips of the group stage and playoffs of the 2020 World Hockey Championship in Switzerland (Zurich and Lausanne). The games of the group stage of the World Cup 2020 will be held every day from May 8 to 19, the quarter finals on May 21, the semi-finals of the 23rd, and the final and match for bronze will be held on May 24, 2020. In total, the tournament will play 64 matches.

All games will be held in two arenas: Hallenstadion (Zurich), accommodating 11,200 spectators and a new arena in Lausanne with a capacity of 8,500. All meetings of Group B, as well as 2 quarter finals, 2 semifinals, a match for third place and the final game will be held in Zurich. The tournament was also claimed by Latvia, Belarus and Finland. The final decision was made in mid-May 2015 at the conference of the International Hockey Federation in the Czech Republic. The group stage will be held in a circular system – each team plays with each. The format of the 2020 World Hockey Championship will not change.

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IIHF 2020 Predictions

Group A Winner

Long before the start of the world championship, it is already possible to determine the whole situation in group “A”. For the top three lines of the standings, the teams of Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic are likely to fight, and the latter can hardly be considered favorites in this fight. Given the change of head coach at Tre Krunur, it is unlikely that they will be able to impose a fight on “maple leaves”.

The battle in the middle of the table is much more interesting, where the teams of Germany, Slovakia and Denmark will fight for the last ticket to the quarter-finals. Here, a lot will depend on the performance of “Edmonton”: if Leon Dreisaitle can join the Germans, then the others will have little chance, which he demonstrated last year, otherwise the teams have equal chances.

For the preservation of registration in the elite division with a high degree of probability teams of Great Britain and Belarus will fight. The British in the last draw of the tournament took part for the first time in modern history, but they were sensationally able to stay in the strongest league, having beaten the French in the butt games. They will be opposed by the wards of Mikhail Zakharov, who performed well last year, speaking in the second strongest division.

Group B Winner

In group “B”, according to pre-launch expectations, the four, which should go to the quarter-finals, are better tracked. There is Russia, Finland and the USA, without which it is almost impossible to imagine the ¼ final stage, and there is also Switzerland, which is gradually approaching the elite of world hockey. The only team capable of imposing a fight on them is Latvia, which, under the leadership of Bob Hartley, can give a surprise, but now veterans are already declining there, and the young generation is only getting close to the level of the national team.

Fierce resistance is expected in the battle to maintain a place in the elite. The Norwegian team, which recently could make some noise in the playoffs of the world championships, has now very much slowed down. The Italians last year demonstrated that they can quite easily allow themselves to smash everyone, but at the decisive moment they issued a match of life and remained in the strongest division. Kazakhstan has just returned to the elite, being the champion of the second most powerful league, so the clearly wards of Andrei Skabelka now intend to successfully play here.

Who will win the Ice Hockey World Championship 2020?

As a rule, six national teams apply for gold medals of world championship: Finland, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, USA and Sweden. Much will depend on what teams will be able to collect for the World Cup and which of the overseas players will be able to truly strengthen their team. The only one who can not worry about this is Jukka Jalonen, who last year refused the NHL stars, gathered a modest team by name and won gold medals.

Last Winners:

  • Russia + USSR – 27;
  • Canada – 26;
  • Czech Republic + Czechoslovakia – 12;
  • Sweden – 11;
  • Finland – 3;
  • USA – 2;
  • Slovakia – 1;
  • Great Britain – 1.

IHF 2020 Winner Betting Odds

Canada + 225 + 200
Russia + 300 + 275
Sweden + 400 + 350
Finland + 800 + 550
Usa + 900 + 800
Czech Republic + 1 200 + 1 200
Switzerland + 2 000 + 1 400
Germany + 5 000 + 3 300
Slovakia + 10 000 + 5 000
Latvia + 20 000 + 10 000
Denmark + 20 000 + 15 000
Norway + 20 000 + 15 000
Belarus + 50 000 + 50 000
Kazakhstan + 50 000 + 50 000
Great Britain + 100 000 + 100 000
Italy + 100 000 + 100 000

International World Championship Shedule

Date Time Team 1 Team 2
FRIDAY, 8TH MAY 17:20 Finland USA
FRIDAY, 8TH MAY 17:20 Canada Germany
FRIDAY, 8TH MAY 21:20 Russia Switzerland
FRIDAY, 8TH MAY 21:20 Sweden Czech Republic
SATURDAY, 9TH MAY 13:20 Germany Great Britain
SATURDAY, 9TH MAY 17:20 Latvia Norway
SATURDAY, 9TH MAY 17:20 Slovakia Denmark
SATURDAY, 9TH MAY 21:20 Switzerland Kazakhstan
SATURDAY, 9TH MAY 21:20 Belarus Czech Republic
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 13:20 Russia Norway
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 13:20 Great Britain Slovakia
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 17:20 Kazakhstan Latvia
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 17:20 Canada Denmark
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 21:20 Finland Italy
SUNDAY, 10TH MAY 21:20 Sweden Belarus
MONDAY, 11TH MAY 17:20 USA Russia
MONDAY, 11TH MAY 17:20 Czech Republic Canada
MONDAY, 11TH MAY 21:20 Switzerland Finland
MONDAY, 11TH MAY 21:20 Germany Sweden
TUESDAY, 12TH MAY 17:20 Kazakhstan Norway
TUESDAY, 12TH MAY 17:20 Great Britain Denmark
TUESDAY, 12TH MAY 21:20 Belarus Slovakia
TUESDAY, 12TH MAY 21:20 Italy Latvia
WEDNESDAY, 13TH MAY 17:20 Czech Republic Great Britain
WEDNESDAY, 13TH MAY 17:20 USA Kazakhstan
WEDNESDAY, 13TH MAY 21:20 Canada Belarus
WEDNESDAY, 13TH MAY 21:20 Russia Italy
THURSDAY, 14TH MAY 17:20 Denmark Germany
THURSDAY, 14TH MAY 17:20 Norway Switzerland
THURSDAY, 14TH MAY 21:20 Sweden Slovakia
THURSDAY, 14TH MAY 21:20 Finland Latvia
FRIDAY, 15TH MAY 17:20 Kazakhstan Russia
FRIDAY, 15TH MAY 17:20 Germany Belarus
FRIDAY, 15TH MAY 21:20 Switzerland Italy
FRIDAY, 15TH MAY 21:20 Great Britain Canada
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 13:20 Latvia USA
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 13:20 Denmark Belarus
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 17:20 Canada Sweden
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 17:20 Norway Italy
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 21:20 Russia Finland
SATURDAY, 16TH MAY 21:20 Slovakia Czech Republic
SUNDAY, 17TH MAY 17:20 Finland Kazakhstan
SUNDAY, 17TH MAY 17:20 Sweden Great Britain
SUNDAY, 17TH MAY 21:20 Germany Slovakia
SUNDAY, 17TH MAY 21:20 Switzerland Latvia
MONDAY, 18TH MAY 17:20 Belarus Great Britain
MONDAY, 18TH MAY 17:20 Italy Kazakhstan
MONDAY, 18TH MAY 21:20 Czech Republic Denmark
MONDAY, 18TH MAY 21:20 USA Norway
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 13:20 Slovakia Canada
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 13:20 Latvia Russia
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 17:20 Norway Finland
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 17:20 Czech Republic Germany
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 21:20 USA Switzerland
TUESDAY, 19TH MAY 21:20 Denmark Sweden
THURSDAY, 21ST MAY 15:20 A1 B4
THURSDAY, 21ST MAY 17:20 A2 B3
THURSDAY, 21ST MAY 19:20 B1 A4
THURSDAY, 21ST MAY 21:20 B2 A3
SATURDAY, 23RD MAY 15:20 A1/B4 B2/A3
SATURDAY, 23RD MAY 19:20 B1/A4 A2/B3
SUNDAY, 24TH MAY 16:20 Loser SF 1 Loser SF 2
SUNDAY, 24TH MAY 21:20 Winner SF 1 Winner SF 2

Sixteen national teams, which are divided into two groups, take part in the world championship. At the preliminary stage, each team holds seven matches. Places in the table are allocated depending on the points scored. The four best teams in their groups receive a ticket to the quarter finals and play according to the scheme: the first versus the fourth, the second versus the third. This is followed by 1/2 finals, the match for bronze and the final. The teams that finished last in their groups are eliminated from the elite division. This rule does not apply to the team that will host the next World Cup.

The IIHF made changes to the playoff format last year. Semifinal pairs will be formed on the basis of the rating based on the results of the preliminary stage. The following indicators are taken into account: position in the group, number of points scored, goal difference, number of goals and team rating. The team with the highest rating will play with the worst team. Also canceled in the finals. If the winner is not revealed in regular time, the game will continue in a 3 on 3 format until the first goal scored.