Basketball bets, where the NBA is in a special position, enjoy increased attention from many bettors. You can concentrate only on the National Basketball Association and in one season it will turn out to place a bet on over 2,500 matches. In any basketball game, there are at least two equally probable events that you can bet on – handicap and total. It is thanks to this property that basketball has become one of the most popular objects for large bets.

NBA betting benefits

  • NBA Betting Benefits
  • A large number of equally probable events.
  • High NBA betting limits
  • Low NBA margin.
  • The regularity of the games.

NBA format

The tournament involves 30 teams divided into Eastern and Western conferences, and grouped into three divisions of 5 in each.

The season is divided into two parts:

  • regular season – 82 rounds;
  • playoffs: the leaders of all 6 divisions and 10 teams with the highest percentage of victories fall into this stage.

The playoffs begin from the 1/8 stage – 16 teams are divided into 8 pairs. The next stage is the club, who managed 4 wins. This rule applies in all subsequent stages – in the final, the club becomes the winner, and scored four victories.

NBA bet features

  • The lack of frank outsiders: like any tournament, there are favorites and outsiders, but there are no weak teams in the NBA, and obvious outsiders of divisions have % wins that do not fall below the 20%, sometimes exceeding 40%.
  • Teams rarely demonstrate a long win streak: due to the need to hold many matches, many clubs lack the gaming potential to play everything at a high level.
  • High performance: almost all tournament participants on average score more than 100 points per game – the reason for the high popularity of betting on totals.
  • The factor of the home court plays a huge role, this is especially true for outsiders of the divisions: the ratio of victories at home and away is an average of 65% -35%.

How to analyze teams before the match?

The procedure for analyzing confrontations is similar for all team sports. Here are a few key points:

  • What form are the team leaders. In basketball, 2-3 players can make the whole game – typical of many sports, but especially in the NBA. If the leading players for various reasons cannot take part in the game: injury, poisoning, the coach just made it possible to relax in an insignificant match, a sharp decline in the team’s game will follow.
  • Club performance at home and away. If the home team lost several meetings in a row at home, in the next home match in the fight against an approximately equal rival, we should expect the winner.
  • Motivation.
  • A special attitude of leaders to exact clubs. In the NBA, scandalous transitions of a player from one team to another often occur: when the coaching staff and management decided to get rid of one ward, the player moves to another club and, when he meets the old team, gives it up literally two hundred percent.
  • The microclimate in the club: when a team resembles a well-coordinated team, where everything is based on friendly relations and respect for the head coach – this is a good basis for positive results.
  • Injuries. In basketball, stars decide more than in football. Therefore, a leader’s injury can radically change the balance of power.
  • Previous Head-to-Head meetings. It will help to make an accurate forecast and choose a promising bet on a basketball game by analyzing personal meetings of clubs, especially if the game is of principle status.

Main types of bets on NBA


A feature of bets on the North American leagues, including the NBA, is that they mainly offer bets exclusively on the outcome of matches taking into account overtime. This type implies a bet on the outcome of the match. You just bet on the team that should win.

Against The Spread or Handicap

Handicap (Point Spread) in NBA shows the final difference in the score in favor of one of the teams. You are required to guess whether it will be greater or less than the specified value. For example, if you bet on a team with a -5.5 handicap, you need to win at least 6 points. If you bet on it with a handicap of +5.5, you would be rooting for this team to lose no more than 5 points.


Total is a type of bet in which to predict whether the final result of the game will be more or less than the proposed value. Almost always, the odds for Over and Under are the same.

Note! Bookmakers accept bets on both the total in regular time of the match and the total with OT in basketball, and it is important to understand that when calculating these bets, different time periods of the game will be taken into account. The calculation of total in basketball in regular time is based on the results of 4 quarters.

The strategy for betting on total in basketball at first glance seems simple. It is enough to look at the previous results of the teams and analyze how many points they score per game. However, not everything is so simple: anything can happen in one particular match, and several factors can influence the game of a team at once: from the psychological state of the players to their physical condition.

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