French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet says he doesn’t want referees matches if there are homophobic chants, even though new rules this year that allow interruptions.
1 games in Metz and Fine were halted within a week of each other last month after discriminatory banner ads were seen in the audience.
Le Graet, who is about the FIFA Council, believes interrupting drama is marginal although A Ligue 2 game between Le and Nancy Mans was temporarily stopped earlier in August.
“I wouldn’t stop the games – totally against this,” Le Graet told French radio station France Info on Tuesday.
The soccer league setup an action plan to tackle homophobia in its stadium together with Ligue 1 president Nathalie Boy de la Tour confirming at the time referees could stop games, in May.
Asked if referees would accompany his petition in this weekend’s games,” Le Graet explained:”I hope so.
“We will make certain there are no longer (homophobic banners and chants). But stopping a match? – No.”
The president does not have the ability to teach referees to go against the rules that are new.
Addressing the lovers accountable for the chanting, Le Graet added:”Don’t return to the scene with banners, it is as simple as that.
“You can encourage your group, but [homophobia is] completely incorrect.”
The rules were publicly supported by French sports minister Roxana Maracineanu, that said she was”astonished” by previous comments from Le Graet which”too many matches” had been stopped due to episodes of homophobia.

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