Today Laaksonen is playing against Johnson for a ticket to the next round at the 250 category tennis tournament in Delray Beach and we offer our prediction for tennis in this match. Athletes have not previously met each other on the court, on this day Johnson for boomers seems to be the winner.

At what time are Henri Laaksonen vs Steve Johnson to play?
The game time is February 18, 2020, at 12:20 AM EST.

What are the players’ positions in ATP rankings?
Henri Laaksonen takes the 134th position and Steve Johnson takes the 76th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Henri Laaksonen have?
Henri Laaksonen has won 61% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Steve Johnson have?
Steve Johnson has won 66% of the games as a favorite.

Henri Laaksonen

At the moment, Henri Laaksonen is the most experienced player in this tennis tournament, because he is at the age of 32, and has been participating in this Masters for the eighth consecutive year. There were no particular successes, unless once it turned out to reach the semifinals, but there is no doubt that Henri Laaksonen will definitely fall into the top eight.

So far, only one match has been played, where it was possible to beat a more eminent opponent who was not in the best shape, so he lost a lot of real opportunities, and Henri Laaksonen demonstrates that you can realize your every breakpoint.

Henri Laaksonen hits well both forehand and backhand, and is not afraid of grass courts, because a huge number of matches were played on this surface, including this season. The weak point is only the backline, because Henri Laaksonen often loses it, allowing opponents to use it.

Steve Johnson

The start of this season could be simply magnificent, because already at the first tournament we managed to reach the semifinals, but the game had to be abandoned due to minor damage. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, so Steve Johnson is now back in service and hopes to play better at this tournament.

Steve Johnson has an unusual style of play, performing many short cuts during the match, so it’s very difficult for opponents to adapt to such a game and act confidently at the rallies. Steve Johnson is experiencing problems with the presentation, but it is unlikely to belong because there is simply no need to heavily load the hand since it was with her that there were minor problems that made him turn to doctors.

On the hard surface, Steve Johnson performs most often, so he has vast experience playing on these courts. Now Steve Johnson is on the 38th line of the world ranking, but there are excellent chances to rise even higher.

Henri Laaksonen vs Steve Johnson Predictions

Henri Laaksonen and Steve Johnson are interesting rivals who always try to show not only high-quality but also beautiful tennis. The audience just loves when rivals go to court in matches with opponents. However, the face-to-face confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things about modern tennis.

Plasticity and a great sense of the ball are the trump cards of the opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from completely unbelievable positions. Predicting this match, our experts drew attention to the coverage on which the tournament is being held.

They perfectly fit the opponents ’playing style, that is, there will be a place not only for incredible rallies but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to protect points on their own servers. In general, wins in this match will allow you to go to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money. Given that rivals do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to neglect such an opportunity.

Therefore, the fight in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will be protracted, and on this, we base our prediction on the match. You can find them below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself since we believe that it will be an amazing sight that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

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