On February 26, you can find many tennis matches in the line of bookmakers, but the match Heather Watson – Kateryna Bondarenko is best suited for betting. This season there were no personal meetings between opponents, and in the past two passed at once.

In them, Heather Watson and Kateryna Bondarenko won one game each time, and each time there was a stubborn struggle, so the win was obtained with a minimal advantage.

At what time are Heather Watson vs Kateryna Bondarenko to play?
The game time is February 26, 2020, at 04:00 PM CST (UTC -6).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Heather Watson takes the 69th positions and Kateryna Bondarenko takes the 430th positions in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Heather Watson have?
Heather Watson has won 64.1% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Kateryna Bondarenko have?
Kateryna Bondarenko has won 45% of the games as a favorite.

Heather Watson

In most of his fights won, Heather Watson prevails due to a strong serve, because apart from her there is no more than to brag about. But, if Heather Watson takes the initiative from the first minutes and constantly delivers, then the opponent has little chance of salvation.

Already one match was played at this tournament, which was played very confidently. The pitch worked at the highest level, so the opponent did not have a single breakpoint. Heather Watson is now in good physical shape, which was evident in all previous matches of the season because even if you had to play five sets, you could not see much fatigue at the end of the match.

The profile coating is soil, but Heather Watson also has played on hard, and this season there were already enough matches on hard courts to get used to such coverage.

Kateryna Bondarenko

In this tournament, Kateryna Bondarenko also plays with qualifications, where at first there was a win over a representative of the fifth hundred tennis rating, and then she managed to beat a local player in a difficult match.

Having played in only two matches, you still won’t be able to adapt to this court surface, because Kateryna Bondarenko still loves clay or grass courts, but here she will have to play hard. Not possessing high speed, Kateryna Bondarenko does not like the fast pace of the game but prefers reliable defense on the backline.

Moreover, Kateryna Bondarenko confidently acts at the reception, well-punching racquets on both sides. The 430th racket of the world has not only high-quality forehand, but also a backhand, so Kateryna Bondarenko in the second serve often has even a higher percentage of winning than in the first. At the age of 35, Kateryna Bondarenko is not yet thinking about ending her career, and it is still not difficult to play at this tournament, as there is enough time to recover between the matches.

Heather Watson vs Kateryna Bondarenko Predictions

Our experts for a long time chose a match for predictions until they opted for a confrontation, the rivals in which would be Heather Watson and Kateryna Bondarenko. These tennis players have a good season. Despite the fact that so far they have not managed to win a single title, they still have to take part in many tournaments in the season, so each of the opponents will get a chance to reach the finals and compete for the trophy there.

The level of rivals is quite high, otherwise, they would not occupy such high places in the world ranking. Simply, now in tennis is the season of coverings, on which it is not very convenient for these rivals to demonstrate their tennis. It remains to wait a bit when the tournaments change, and then Heather Watson and Kateryna Bondarenko will demonstrate their best tennis, which allows them to impose a fight even on those rivals who are at the head of the world tennis rating. For now, focus on this match. Our experts believe that athletes will try to stick to the cover, as they have yet to take part in a number of tournaments with similar coverage.

The level allows them to keep the ball in the game and try to take the opponent’s pitch. It is unlikely that anyone will force events, we think that the athletes will exchange sets, and the final set will determine the winner of the match. Therefore, we recommend watching this match, because not the latest tennis players in the ranking will confront each other on the court, and our prediction will make this match even more interesting and even profitable.

  • Our prediction: Heather Watson Will Win.