Finnish team HAVU will fight against Americans from Cloud9 on April 5, and we, in turn, will give a prediction for this event. What are the chances for the Finns in this fight?


HAVUs temporarily occupy the first line of the table in their group and have two points in the asset. At the same time, the team has not lost a single game yet. Recall that the Finns managed to deal with Copenhagen Flames (2:0) and Envy (2:0) without even giving up a single card. In the previous match against the Americans, they lost only 13 rounds together. Doto showed a great game and finished the game with a score of +24.


Cloud9 has only lost 1-2 to Envy in the last five games. In general, the team is in very good condition and after this failure has already produced two consecutive Victories. The Americans defeated Copenhagen Flames the day before (2-0), and in the second match they celebrated their success against the same Envy – 2-1.

Let us remind you that the team played well for the defense on the deciding map in the meeting with their compatriots, taking ten rounds, which were enough for them to win.

Betting Statistics

  • Cloud9 won the last four out of five games.
  • HAVU recently lost to MAD Lions 0:2.
  • The HAVU Gaming team is ranked 17th in the CS:GO ranking, 11 points higher than C9’s 28th position.
  • The current HAVU winning streak is 2 wins. 2 wins in the C9 account.
  • The total winning percentage is higher for HAVU Gaming and is 59.20% against 50.79% for Cloud9.

HAVU vs Cloud9 Prediction

In our opinion, in this match Cloud9 has all chances for a favorable outcome. The team is in great shape and quite steadily deals with its equal opponents. HAVU have been “burned” more than once in important matches, so it is quite possible that they may make another mistake.

  • Our prediction: Cloud9 will win

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