March 22, 2020 as part of the main stage of the FLASHPOINT Season 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, HAVU will fight with c0ntact. Who is in a better form now? Who has more chances to gain a win? – Check our prediction.


The Finns have long played the same squad, do not make changes, and this is the main key to success. Slowly but surely, HAVU are approaching the twenty strongest teams on the planet. Now the guys have everything they need to win – great players, a smart map pool and individual skill.


C0ntact has a new squad that we have nothing to say about. The Europeans held only one meeting against the Copenhagen Flames, where they obtained Victoria with a score of 2:0. THe result is great, but we can not be sure that this tea, can be stable now and demonstrate significant results during a course of time.

HAVU vs c0ntact Prediction

HAVU looks a favorit of this battle. This team has showcased a good start, their squad is so strong and if not to win in this match, then when?

HAVU vs c0ntact live stream