Just a few days ago, Harriet Dart and Simona Halep played their matches, and now on January 22 they will face-to-face confrontation in the same tournament. Opponents did not often play with each other, although for several years they have been playing at the highest level. Previously, there were only two meetings in which Harriet Dart has two victories, and both wins were only after five sets.

Bet and win

Harriet Dart

This season, Harriet Dart shows a faded game, because there were six fights on the ground, of which three were lost. And this despite the fact that almost all the matches were in qualification at various tournaments. It can be seen that on the ground, Harriet Dart plays very hard because earlier it was possible to take part only in those tournaments that took place on hard. Harriet Dart can only demonstrate an aggressive quick game, but with viscous clay matches things are not working out yet. So, although Harriet Dart is one of the twenty strongest tennis rackets in the world, you can’t talk about any leadership in this fight. Most likely, Harriet Dart will bet not only on his serve but will also try to competently play at the reception. Harriet Dart feels the backline very well, but moving to the grid quickly does not always work, so this is the weak point.

Simona Halep

In the adult tour, Simona Halep spends only the second full season, so that so far no one expects great achievements. Yes, among juniors it even turned out to take third place in the ranking, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so for a good performance, you still need to gain experience. Last season, we managed to get into the main draw of all the tournaments of the Grand Slam series, which is already a good achievement for newcomers. This season, Simona Halep also just goes through the qualification stages, but she can’t go any further since there is already a completely different level of players. Simona Halep prefers power tennis, but it is suitable only in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass representatives of the first hundred world ratings on the same strength. Moreover, Simona Halep still has problems with the reception, does not always close the backline, and also plays mainly only on clay courts.

Harriet Dart vs Simona Halep Prediction

Our analysts have repeatedly emphasized that the rating of tennis players is not the most important for determining the winner in a given match. Physical conditions, psychological stability, mood and coverage of the tournament are some of the most important criteria that require the most careful study and analysis to determine the favorite of a tennis match. They are the primary factors in the search for interesting bets on one or another tennis confrontation. When predicting a match in which opponents will be Harriet Dart and Simona Halep, the analysts of our portal tried to take into account all these factors. Moreover, the athletes are well acquainted with each other, since their paths at different tournaments intersected.

Harriet Dart and Simona Halep have vast experience in performing, as for several years they have shown excellent results, achieved victories and won titles. The current tournament for them is a great opportunity to demonstrate a high level of training, and compete for the next trophy. It is too early to talk about the possibility of reaching the tournament finals or winning titles, a very strong team of athletes gathered at this tournament. On the other hand, to achieve victory over a strong athlete and win the title is an excellent demonstration of their claims to a higher rating, and Harriet Dart and Simona Halep will try not to miss this chance. Our prediction come down to the fact that the match will be interesting since it is very difficult to give an unconditional advantage to one of the opponents here.