Hannah Cifers will fight Angela Hill at UFC Fight Night 166 in PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, January 25, 2020. The opening line has Cifers valued at +145 while Hill is evaluated at -165.

UFC Fight Night 166 Dos Anjos vs Chiesa 01/25/2020 Odds

Hannah Cifers +145 Angela Hill -165

Hannah Cifers “Shockwave”

Concerning catching, Hannah Cifers is the more gainful grappler as she takes her adversaries to the canvas 0.41 occasions per 3 rds. Cifers is completing her takedown endeavors on 90% of her attempts and impeding 69% of all takedown endeavors. Slope is getting her adversary to the tangle on 36% of the takedowns she attempts and halting 73% of the endeavors against her. Concerning rivals, Cifers is the more fit for the two contenders by attempting 0.4 subs per 3 rds while Hill attempts 0.1 subs per 15 minutes.

In her past fight, Hannah Cifers battled Jodie Esquibel and ended up getting the success by means of consistent choice in cycle 3. Esquibel landed 69 of 157 all out strikes that she let go. Cifers completed this battle arrival 112 of 207 absolute strikes. With respect to huge strikes, Esquibel wound up landing 43 of 130, which gave her a level of 33%. She landed 29 of 110 critical strikes coordinated at the head. On the opposite side of the confine, Cifers landed 42% of her noteworthy strikes by staying 70 of 164. As to the situation of these noteworthy strikes, she associated on 39 of 123 to the head. 83% of the noteworthy strikes arrived by Esquibel and 87% of them associated on by Cifers were counted at separation.

Angela Hill “Overkill”

In the last fight for Angela Hill, she fought Ariane Carnelossi and wound up winning this battle by TKO through a specialist’s stoppage in cycle 3. Carnelossi wound up landing 79% of the critical strikes she took from separation while Hill landed 61% of her huge strikes at separation. Slope wound up associating on half of her critical strikes endeavored via landing 92 of 184. She wound up landing 60 of 137 huge strikes coordinated at the head. Carnelossi wound up landing 72 of 186 huge strikes in that challenge. Out of all the critical strikes tossed, she wound up landing 36 of 137 coordinated at the head. With respect to strikes tossed in that challenge, Carnelossi wound up landing 83 of 197 while Hill wound up landing 93 of 185 of the considerable number of strikes she tossed.


Hannah “Shockwave” Cifers comes into this fight holding a sign of 10-3-0. The 27-year-old strides on the scale at 115 lbs and measures in at 5′ 1″. The customary fighter expands her arrive at 62″. Angela “Overkill” Hill quantifies in at 5′ 3″ and steps on the scale at 115 lbs. The universal warrior hopes to add a triumph to her aggregate of 10-7-0. The 35-year-old arrives at 64″. As far as noteworthy strikes, Hannah Cifers is landing 4.81 per min and Angela Hill lands 5.88 huge strikes every moment. Cifers lands 45% of the noteworthy strikes she attempts and Hill is interfacing on half. As far as shielding in the confine, “Shockwave” takes 5.08 critical strikes every moment and “Overkill” retains 5.30. Cifers additionally forestalls 53% of the huge strikes her adversaries endeavor and Hill can stop 65% of the strikes tossed her direction.

Hannah Cifers vs Angela Hill – Tale of the tape

Hannah Cifers “Shockwave”

      Angela Hill “Overkill”


StrawW (Worldwide)

  RANKING   #21

StrawW (Worldwide)


    LAST 5 FIGHTS    
#ОШИБКА!   BETTING ODDS   -175 (Slight Favorite)
United States   NATIONALITY   United States

Wake Forest, North Carolina



  New York City, New York

27 years, 6 months, 2 days

  AGE AT FIGHT   34 years, 6 days

114.5 lbs (51.9 kgs)



  115.0 lbs (52.2 kgs)
5’1″ (155cm)   HEIGHT   5’3″ (160cm)
62.0″ (157cm)   REACH   64.5″ (164cm)

Embrace Martial Arts

  GYM   Alliance MMA

Cifers vs Hill Predictions

Hill will have the height and reach advantage which she will look to utilize with her striking, keeping Cifers at a distance with an array of jabs and kicks. Cifers will throw back at any opportunity and look to press forward to get in the pocket to offload on Hill.

They both have very high outputs which will create a thrilling contest and the incredible toughness and durability of Cifers should allow her to close the distance and overwhelm Hill to pick up another hard-fought win.

Our predictionAngela Hill will win

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