The UFC 248 tournament, which will take place on March 8, includes both the two expected title fights and the attention-grabbing events a la comeback Sean O’Malley. In addition to the unbeaten avenue at this event, Guido Cannetti, the lightweight age representative, will return to the industry. An Argentinean vis-a-vis will be no less interesting character Danaa Batgerel – the first Mongolian fighter in the UFC, facing the need to close the defeat he received in the first match under the promotion sign.

At what time Guido Cannetti vs Danaa Batgere fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 10:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Guido Cannetti have?
Guido Cannetti has 7 wins and 5 losses.

How many wins and losses Danaa Batgere have?
Danaa Batgere has 5 wins and 2 loss.

Statistics and physical data

Guido CannettiDanaa Batgere
Weight61 kg61 kg
Height168 cm171 cm
Arm span173 cm178 cm
Number of fights128
Wins7 (5 early)6 (3 early)
Defeat5 (5 early)2 (0 early)

Guido Cannetti

A fighter trains in the halls of Our Town MMA and Team Alpha Male. It can work effectively in any plane, has fast arms and explosive power. Once upon a time, once less – depending on the opponent, but always uses grappling, performs well and even better blocks the teardowns, however, it is poorly protected from sambishen.

At the beginning of his career, Cannetti passed the fans and started in the professionals. At first, he performed at various South American tournaments, collecting a record of 5-1. Then Guido, among others, defeated Enrique Cimeio and Rafael Diaz, while the only defeat suffered from Cristiano Marcello. Then the Argentinean moved to the USA and at Jackson’s MMA Series 11 event got the better of Eliazar Rodriguez.

After that, having decided not to pull the cat by the tail and take the first and, possibly, the last chance, Cannetti joined the participants of the 1st season of the TUF Latin America television project, whereby decision of the majority and knockout he was weaker than Marco Beltran and Alejandro Perez, respectively, but got a place in roster UFC.

The Argentinean record in the organization includes 2 wins and 3 losses. With unanimous decisions over Hugo Viana and Diego Rivas, he traded with failures in fights against Henry Briones and Kang Kyung-ho – both were able to catch him at the reception, while Guido once again showed his inability to defend himself well from submission, being weaker than the avenue in the face of Marlon Vera.

Danaa Batgerel

Fighter training takes place at Jackson Wink MMA Camp. As an opponent, he can work on his feet and in the stalls, however, he still prefers the stand, where he performs best. It protects against takedowns quite well, but you can translate it, regardless of its position, actively works on the ground.

Batgerel did not fight in amateurs, but in professionals started at the end of 2011, however, despite this, he does not have the most impressive record. At first, he performed under the banner of the Legend FC promotion, where he defeated 3 counterparts, among whom was the notorious Kai Kara-France. Then the Mongols appeared at the RUFF 12 tournament and was there stronger than such a fighter as Rijirigala Amu.

The ideal athlete record was spoiled by Baasankhuu Damnlanpurev, who, as part of the MGL-1 Fighting MMA Championship 2015 event, upset him with a total. Danaa closed this defeat with very striking victories over Aldar Budanaev and Sukhbold Sodnomdorzh, having defeated which he won the MGL-1 FC featherweight title.

As a result of these fights, he reached a record of 6-1, with which he signed a contract with the UFC, where he became the first opponent to Haley Alatenga. Against his Chinese counterpart, the Mongols had a close duel, but still did not work for the win and was defeated by the total.

While Batgerel last fought at the end of August last year, the extreme performance of the age-old Cannetti took place a year and a half ago. And although the Argentine, like the opponent, had a little more than 2 months to undergo targeted training, his current physical condition raises big and, of course, rhetorical questions – you can’t count on positive answers here.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Guido Cannetti lost in three of five extreme fights.
  • Guido Cannetti has not performed for more than two years.
  • Dana Batgerel won in three of four extreme fights.
  • Dana Batgerel scored five wins ahead of schedule.

Guido Cannetti vs Danaa Batgerel Prediction

Guido is a fighter too old for his weight; he loses 5 cm vis-a-vis both in height and reaches. By style, the fighters are strikers, only the Argentine still connects the stalls. Cannetti conducts takedowns not bad, like many fighters from Team Alpha Male, but you can get up from under him, you can sweep him.

Batgerel tolerably blocks transfers, can compete and definitely work on his stall after losing to Haley Alateng, who is better than the Argentinean in him. He trains at Jackson Wink MMA, where the round game, as everyone knows, is taught at the highest level. However, the fight will mainly take place in the stance, and Danaa has a clear advantage in this component – the counter-attacking puncher, who is not very accurate, but eliminates this activity, serial work, and good defense.

Guido, on the other hand, deals significantly less punctuated punches but prefers to work in the first number, periodically explodes, forgetting about defense. His gas tank, which is emptied by the middle of the fight, raises questions. In our opinion, the Mongol will not allow itself to be clogged and will fail Cannetti, who, of course, will resist in the first five minutes, but subsequently the initiative will be completed on the side of Batgerel.

  • Our prediction: Danaa Batgerel Will Win.

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