Greyhound Betting Tips

What is Greyhound Racing?

Despite the low popularity in some countries, dog racing is one of the best sports for betting. The races are held all year round, and up to hundreds of starts can be held daily. If many centuries ago it was a simple race for a live rabbit or a hare, now it is a professional competition between greyhounds for artificial prey. The competition in the field of football, boxing and other popular sports is huge, however, a specific type of sports competition managed to take a place in the betting lines of popular world bookmakers.

This extravagant sport originated in England and is largely due to the development of sweepstakes and betting companies. But the origins of betting on this sport pursued humanistic ideals. The fact is that after the ban on hunting in the United Kingdom, a huge number of animals, especially hounds – the breed bred for hunting, could not satisfy their natural needs. To compensate for the lack of physical activity in dogs, the British came up with dog competitions. Initially, the goal of the dogs was a living hare, which over time was replaced by a mechanical one, based on similar principles of humanity. The fun won the love of not only the British: it scaled and became popular in Finland, Hungary, Germany, the USA and other countries.

Features of greyhound racing sports:

  • animals run along the track, which is divided into six positions called ladders;
  • the first ladder is located closer to the inner edge, and the sixth to the outer circle, all positions are marked with colors and numbers;
  • betting should be made taking into account the movement of animals – to the inner or outer edge, in the middle of the track;
    competitions are held at different distances, classify the race into categories, where the numbers indicate the level of training of dogs;
  • categories are divided into classes – the popular A-class (380-520 m), sprint class D (200-300 m), long distances (575-1080 m) in classes S, E, M, I, class H hurdles , competition with handicap HP (handicap), open OR-class races, trial – T and KS.

Greyhound Race Rules

The essence of the competition is simple. On the oval track, 6 hound dogs run after a mechanical hare. The winner is the greyhound who crosses the finish line first. To fix the results of the judge’s race, a photo finish is used, where the dog’s nose is taken into account, and the position of the paws does not matter. Prize – three first places.

Dogs start from six numbered boxes, which in English terminology are called trap. Boxes, or traps, are numbered starting from the inside of the track from 1 to 6. Numbers – the numbers of the tracks are painted in different colors: 1st — red, 2nd — blue, 3rd — white, 4th — black, 5 6th – orange; 6th – striped black and white.

The distribution of dogs in boxes is important. It is determined by lot taking into account the sympathies of a particular dog, based on its manner of running. Some dogs are used to running closer to the inside of the track, others are in the middle, and still others are on the outside of the track. If a greyhound, accustomed to running on the outside of the track, runs out of the first box, then, trying to take its usual place as it runs, it will cross the path of other dogs. The same thing happens if a hound starts from the 6th box, which is used to running closer to the inside of the track. These features should be considered.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing: Pre-Run Analysis Strategy and Our Tips

The main advantage of betting on dog races is integrity and honesty in running races. You cannot bribe a greyhound with money or agree. The human factor is minimized. If there is a rider in the races, then in the dog race there is no human influence. The human factor is reduced only to the organization of competitions. Doping control at official competitions also works. As a result, it all depends on the abilities of the hound and its readiness.

How can a player identify favorites in dog racing? What selection criteria work in these seemingly exotic competitions? Here are some tips to understanding how to bet on dog racing. It’s difficult to regularly make money on dog races without forecasting, and for this, each race needs to be analyzed in great detail – even in sports where people participate, sometimes it’s not so difficult and more predictable. Many people, especially those who came from basketball and tennis, like to bet on live – not before the start of the race, but when it has already begun. But there is usually no live bet on dog races, and the races are generally fast.

  1. Distance and race class. Everything is as in life here. Like people in athletics, dogs specialize in a certain distance. Accordingly, they are favorites at their profile distance, although they are often involved in other races. Better should determine whether the profile distance for his hound. In addition, it is necessary to determine the specifics of the race. Are these conditions suitable for your hound? What rivals will you have to compete with?
  2. Boxing Number. In most cases, the organizers take into account the characteristics of the dog and its preferences to start in a specific trap. When planning bets, even factors such as the number of the doghouse are taken into account. Some dogs train to run in the inner circle, others – in the outer. In turn, lovers of bets on dog races should weigh: whether a greyhound starts in its place relative to the inside of the track. Perhaps, for some reason, the organizers put the dog “not in their booth.”
  3. Intervals between runs. Every living thing needs rest to recover. It is in the trainer’s competence to determine how well the dog is ready for a particular race. Trainers also feel when their pets are at their peak. Experienced betting players who follow certain competitors can also orient themselves when the hound is in optimal shape. In most cases, trainers give their pets a break after 3-7 runs.
  4. Additional terms. Weather, as in other sports, can also affect the result of races. No wonder the bookmaker broadcasts weather conditions at the time of the competition. The ideal condition of the track in good weather conditions works for the favorites. Adverse conditions and any force majeure in most cases even out the situation, increasing the chances of underdogs, therefore, with changes in weather conditions, forecasts for dog races also change.

As in most cases, in betting on dog races a player has an advantage if he is competent and possesses more information about a particular hound than a bookmaker. Or it has arguments confirming that the coefficients in the line reflect the indicated probability. The profile knowledge of the player allows you to determine the real balance of power, comparing all this with the assessment of the bookmaker.

Type of bets on Greyhound racing

Types of bets on dog races are similar to horse races. Large bookmakers offer a number of general bets and their own additional list, limited only by the imagination of analysts.

  • Win Only – the selected dog must take first place in the race.
  • Show – the dog must be one of the winners. The exact number of prizes is determined by a specific bookmaker.
  • Lay – the selected dog should not take first place in the race. At the same time, she can be among the winners.
  • Place Only – bet that the selected dog will take first or second place in the race.
  • Forecast – a bet on two dogs that will share the first and second places in the race. It is necessary to indicate not only dogs, but also how places are distributed between them.
  • Two Twists – bet on two dogs that will take first and second places. Unlike Forecast bets, you don’t need to specify which place each dog will take.
  • Trio or Triffecta. The player on the bets must in the exact sequence indicate the dogs who will take the first three places.
  • Supertriffecta. The player must guess the four leaders of the race and determine in what sequence they will come to the finish line.

Best Betting Strategy Tips

There are no win-win strategies in sports betting, but the chances are significantly increased when using proven betting methods:

  • Reverse rates – the meaning of the strategy is to choose one, two or three options. If the selected participant (s) comes first and wins, the better wins. If none of the options has become winning, the size of the wagered amount is increased on the next bet.
  • Bet against the favorites of the race. Better needs to bet that the selected dogs will not win. If at least one of the animals comes to the finish line first, the amount must be increased in the next race in order to return to the plus. This strategy is very risky.
  • Fork strategy. Used by professional players in various sports. You need to find a couple of offices where the coefficients for the same event are different, make the opposite bets. It is optimal to use “forks” in open races.
  • You can bet on dog races in live mode with safety net. The first time – on a clear favorite, to win. Kafs can be low or medium. If the dog comes first, then the next race he usually does not win. And the better puts again on a clear favorite for the already increased kef in the first or second place, which guarantees almost one hundred percent safety net.

You can bet on outsiders in the same way, waiting until the favorite loses two or three times. A winning strategy is a bet on an outsider in the top three at a higher coefficient. If the first, second, third place will be taken – implement the tactics of catch-up for six iterations.

Some subtleties of a successful game

  • The choice of a bookmaker. Not all offices cover dog races, so treat bets responsibly.
  • Bookmakers offering a broad list of events with acceptable odds should be preferred.
  • To understand how to win, determine the level of kefov and the statistics of the favorite and outsiders of the competition.
  • Check at what peak physical activity the dogs are – after 4-6 runs they are allowed to rest.
  • Make bets and play with a specific strategy. Do not be discouraged if you cannot make money the first time.
  • Consider the physical form of the greyhounds, their endurance, the length of the distance and the level of training.
  • You can also try to bet live. In this case, in addition to profit, you will enjoy the spectacular viewing. In competitions animals of different breeds participate. The most enduring and globally recognized are the Greyhounds. These greyhounds can be safely put.

What to consider when making a prediction?

First you need to analyze the statistical information about previous racing. When making a prediction, it is important to consider several parameters that give a general idea of ​​the sports form and stamina of greyhounds:

  • the length of the race, the run on the bill for a particular dog in the series;
  • race class and coefficient in BC – favorite or outsider;
  • time to enter the first turn and place on the run;
  • track number, running ahead or behind the favorite;
  • features of the course of the competition, taking into account all the characteristics.

Close attention when making a prediction deserves notes for the race. They reflect information about the purity of the race, win / lose on the last centimeters before the finish, fast or slow run of the dog, close advance to the inner brow and the outer circle, the hound line on turns.

The analysis of these parameters helps the player to correctly assess the shape of the animal and make a competent and reasonable forecast. On special information services, the results of the competitions can be viewed a few minutes after the finish.

When making a prediction, a racket will help the better, containing statistics on the last race. Learn how to read the raskard correctly – you can make forecasts on a professional level.

Racing usually takes half a minute – in such a short period of time the dogs show their full physical potential. With the right choice of office, class of competitions, hounds and strategy, betting on dog races can bring good profit.