In the quarter-finals of the Montpellier tournament, Indore, their racquets will cross their racket Filip Krajinovic, who is 44th in the world ranking and local, 25-year-old tennis player from France – Gregoire Barrere, 91st in the world ranking. The more experienced and eminent Krajinovic easily passed the first two rounds. Do you think Filip will also be easy in this confrontation?

At what time does the Gregoire Barrere vs Filip Krajinovic play?
The game time is Febuary 07, 2020, at 01:00 PM (UK time)

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Gregoire Barrere takes the 91st positions and Filip Krajinovic takes the 44th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Gregoire Barrere have?
Gregoire Barrere has won 60% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Filip Krajinovic have?
Flip Krajinovic has won 62% of the games as a favorite.

Gregoire Barrere

Gregoire Barrere loves hard coatings. It is on it that he holds the lion’s share of tennis matches, in which he mainly wins. During his career, the Frenchman has won three Challenger series titles and all three are on hard (indoors), so in this tournament Gregoire has good chances to move on.

Gregoire Barrere had a difficult time getting into the quarter-finals, but there was no other reason to wait, because in both previous matches, experienced and high-class tennis players were on the other side of the court. True, it is worth mentioning that Juan Souza is very far from optimal playing conditions right now, and Grigor Dimitrov did fly to Montpellier just to warm up before the start of a more prestigious tournament in Rotterdam, but this should not belittle the merits of the Frenchman himself, who gives all of himself in order to please the native stands.

Filip Krajinovic

The tournament for Filipp Krajinovic began with a lost serve, but as we now see, this did not prevent us from reaching the quarter-finals. Not only that, the Serb outplayed both opponents, with whom damn Enzo Coco and Mikael Ymer, in 2 sets, and the young Swede even unwound on the court, allowing for a match to win only a couple of games. In general, Filip Krajinovic is in optimal gaming condition and is ready to fight even for the trophy.

Krajinovic spent six matches this year, four of which he won and two lost. All meetings the Serbian tennis player spent precisely on hard, so Filip is ready very well for this coverage, as well as from year to year, and a confident victory over two rivals in the first two rounds only confirms this.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Despite the fact that both tennis players are in the TOP-100, they will play among themselves for the first time.
  • Previously, the grid did not allow to reduce the data of athletes, although there were not a few chances, but the matter did not reach the meeting in person.
  • And finally, tennis players will play against each other and determine the best.


The home tournament factor is an excellent argument in favor of any local tennis player, but the support of the home stands will not help Gregoire Barrera to avoid defeat in the upcoming match. True, I don’t think that Philip Krajnovich will have a very easy time, since the French counterpart plays excellently in the halls and at least one of the sets is able to lead outside the 10th game, therefore I expect the Serb to go to the 13th game and to such betting option bookmakers put up a decent odds.

Since these tennis players both prefer to play hard, and still have not played among themselves, a quick game obviously will not work. First, in the first set there will be intelligence who plays how, in the second set the player who loses the first set will reveal his potential and equalize. Well, the fate of the fight will be decided in the third set. Our prediction – Filip Krajinovic will win.

  • Our prediction

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