In the UFC bantamweight title, a lineup of applicants for a title shot has gathered, but Henry Cejudo does not care at all. After Jose Aldo flew off the battle, Dominick Cruz got the title chance from the champion 135 pounds. Nevertheless, of all the options, this meeting is of the greatest interest, because, firstly, it will show in what form the ex-WEC and UFC champion in lightweight will be after a long downtime, and secondly, if he wins, he can stir stagnant weight category. The fight will take place on May 10 as part of the co-main event of the long-suffering tournament UFC 249.

At what time Moroz and Silva fight?
The fight time is May 10, 2020, at 5:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Hardy have?
Greg Hardy has 5 wins and 2 losses.

How many wins and losses De Castro have?
Yorgan De Castro has 6 wins and 0 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Greg Hardy Yorgan De Castro
Age 31 32
Weight 265.0 lbs 265.0 lbs
Height 6’5″ 5’11”
Arm span 80.5″ (204cm)  5’11” (180cm)
Number of fights 7 6
Wins 5 6
Defeat 2

Greg Hardy

Former NFL player, now a current UFC fighter, American, he is 31 years old, is training in the ATT hall, professional record 5-2-1. Greg began his professional career in 2018 and immediately with the DWCS show, won three times by knockout in 1 round in less than a minute in each match and, as a result, signed a contract with the UFC. The debut was unsuccessful – Hardy struck a forbidden blow and lost by disqualification. 

This was followed by victories over Smolyakov, Adams and Sosoli (the latter was declared invalid). Then in November last year, in the co-main event of the evening at the UFC tournament, Moscow faced Alexander Volkov and lost by unanimous decision. Hardy has a heavy blow and is slowly developing as a full-fledged MMA fighter.

Yorgan De Castro

The 32-year-old fighter from Cape Verde has an unbroken record of 6-0. Yorgan got to the UFC through the Dana White show, showing excellent standing skills and protection from takedowns. In his debut, de Castro collided with “Mark Hunt’s protégé” Justin Tafa and won by knockout in round 1, delivering an accurate counter-strike. Yorgan has excellent standing skills, he has very biting and painful low-kicks, he has knockout power.

A fighter from the island republic of Cape Verde.  He, like his opponent, won the Dana White show. Last year he made his debut in the strongest promotion in the world. Won Justin Tafu. His track record: 6 wins, 5 by knockout, without defeat.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Takedowns defended: Hardy 83% / De Castro 75%.
  • Hardy is younger.
  • Hardy has an advantage in age.

Hardy vs De Castro Prediction

Anthropometric advantage on the side of Greg Hardy. It is much higher and its leverage is 16 cm longer. At the same time, the fighters both weigh 120 kg.

That Hardy, that Castro possess terrible power in blows. Greg brought the last two fights to a decision. Hardy already realized that at the highest level it is not always possible to win by knockout. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute resources for the entire match. Greg’s stamina isn’t all that good. Yorgan also once in his career went through a full battle.

We see the fight except at the grid, in the clinch. The rest of the time, rivals will sort things out in a stance. Yorgan earlier began his career as a fighter. He has been an amateur since 2014. Since then, de Castro has progressed markedly.

Hardy was retrained as a fighter. In terms of technology, Greg is inferior to Yorgan. Castro is a more diverse fighter. He does not hunt only for the head. His low kicks stand out very much. A fighter with such a complexion, but during the battle, de Castro looks explosive and agile. By the way, he did not have problems with tall rivals.

  • Our prediction: Yorgan De Castro Will Win.

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