Chas Skelly will fight at the UFC 246 with Grant Dawson. The fight is scheduled for January 18, this event will be held in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena. In this case, will experience or youth play a key role? We will analyze the current match. The fight will be held in featherweight.

Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson is an American fighter nicknamed “The Prophet”, he is 25 years old. He spent 15 fights during his professional career, a record of 14-1-0. He made his way through the Dan White show in the UFC, managed to hold 2 fights in the promotion himself and both of them won successfully. In total, he goes to the winning streak of 5 fights, defeated Michael Trizano in an extreme duel by submissive.

Chas Skelly

Ches Skelly is an American fighter nicknamed “The Scrapper”, he is 34 years old. Spent 22 fights in professionals, record 18-4-0. In an extreme meeting, they managed to close a series of defeats, defeated by unanimous decision Jordan Griffin. Prior to this, he lost ahead of schedule with technical submission to Bobby Moffett and TKO to Jason Knight.

Grant Dawson vs Chas Skelly Predictions

He is taller than Grant, but Ches has more arms. Both fighters are focused on the fight, it is the skills of the grappler that help them to gain the majority of victories with receptions. The stand is not the aspect that needs to be considered here, only to mention it. Grant has an advantage over all the statistics, but it’s worth remembering that he has been fighting recently at the UFC. The experience is clearly on the side of Skelly, who went through a series of dangerous rivals.

Dawson conducts more takedowns, and they are also more effective. The protection against transfers for both fighters is lame, but confidently defends itself from passes in the legs, it does not always enter the game plan of these guys. On the contrary, they will only be glad if they are dragged to the ground because it is there that they can catch an opponent in pain. Therefore, most likely, the soldiers will change their position on the canvas over and over again.

Skelly skips noticeably more in the rack than his opponent, but again, this is the result of the opposition. But still, the Dawson defense is worth highlighting, it is at a very high level. However, Chess will be threatened by Grant exclusively on the ground, so on the alert, he needs to be here. Most likely, in the confrontation between the two fighters, we will have a protracted and painful duel, which will reveal the winner only with the help of a referee’s decision.

  • Skelly’s victory – 2.95
  • Victory Dawson – 1.46
  • The best bet on the battle Skelly Vs. Dawson: the battle will end ahead of schedule no for a coefficient of 1.76