GODSENT will have the battle against Team Spirit in terms of ESL Pro League, and we will make a prediction for this match. Will the match be equal or will it be with the advantage of one of the teams?


GODSENT lost three straight games against Vitality, Astralis and NIP, without winning atleast card. However, already in a duel with ENCE, that also did not win a single duel, they won with a score of 2:1. Surely the team did not consider on reaching the playoffs, but on the other hand, it gained invaluable experience, as it had never met before with such serious opponents. We emphasize that Europeans have 60% winrate on Dust2 and Vertigo cards, which are played not so rarely.

Team Spirit form

Spirit, unlike its opponent, plays on all cards, but not often in their performance you can see Overpass and Vertigo. The Russians had a great fight against Vitality and gained a win with a score of 2:1, but in a duel with Astralis they couldn’t prove themselves in this way, and they could take only 14 rounds. Most likely, the Danes outplayed the “Spirits” thanks to experience and tactics, since the team was not inferior to their counterpart in the individual skill.

GODSENT vs Team Spirit Prediction

Spirit play well online and perfectly demonstrated this on this tournament. GODSENT so far only managed to beat ENCE, who are in bad form, but the rest of the rivals beat them confidently. The Russians defeated Vitality, therefore, in the upcoming meeting they should achieve their goal. Then, we predict that Team Spirit will win.

GODSENT vs Team Spirit live stream