Monfils has already gained six wins in a row. And while the Frenchman does not even think to stop, as he caught courage and confidently bends his line. It should be noted that for all these matches the Frenchman spent a minimum of energy, because most of his opponents closed in two sets.

At what time will Gael Monfils vs Dan Evans play?
The game time is February 14, 2020, at 07:30 PM CET.

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Gael Monfils takes the 9th position and Dan Evans takes the 33rd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Gael Monfils have?
Gael Monfils has won 64% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Dan Evans have?
Dan Evans has won 63% of the games as a favorite.

Gael Monfils

There is a difficult stretch ahead of Monfils. After all, he has to defend a huge number of rating points, and given that the Frenchman is extremely prone to recessions and loss of concentration, then this will not be easy. Gael himself said that he was not at that age to worry about such things and this season he was determined to win the Grand Slam tournament.

At the moment, the tennis player looks very good, since he won the home ATP tournament in Montpellier and now has come to the courage to defend the title in Rotterdam.

Dan Evans

Evans is clearly an underrated tennis player who is able to fully reveal himself in the near future. But the Briton too often finds himself in all kinds of scandalous situations that distract him from tennis. What is worth the disqualification for the use of cocaine.

If we talk about the playing style of Daniel, then he is one of the most diverse players on the tour. Indeed, due to cut and shortened strikes, it is able to make any opponent make mistakes. In addition, the tennis player has a powerful pitch in his arsenal.

Betting Tips Statistics

In full-time confrontation leads Gael Monfils with a score of 1-0. He won his only personal meeting with a score of 6:4, 3:6, 6:1. in 2017. The match was held at a tournament in Dubai on hard.

Gael Monfils vs Dan Evans Predictions

His opponent in the match for reaching the semifinals was Daniel Evans. The Briton unexpectedly beat Karen Khachanov, having managed to turn over the match, which confidently went into the hand of the Russian. Can Dan surprise Gael with something and win? Probably not.

Gaining momentum, Monfils has already won ten sets in a row against good players of different styles, including those who like playing the net like a Briton. I wrote a week ago even before the tie-break against the Frenchman did not reach, although his serve is clearly better than that of Evans.

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