G2, on March 31 at 14:25 (UTC), will fight with OG, and our experts prepared an accurate forecast for this event. Will the French manage to deal with the opponent dry?

As part of the third round of ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe, a meeting of the two best teams of group C will take place.


G2 started the tournament very well and won two matches, first having sorted out with Tyloo with a score of (2:1), and then with the same result completed the match against FaZe Clan. Best of all, in a meeting with a European mix, the hunter won, who issued 68 kills with 51 deaths. We emphasize that in both cases the team played poorly on Dust2 and lost twice. But on the cards Nuke, Train, Inferno and Vertigo, they were able to prove superiority.


OG, too, oddly enough, are fighting for the first line in the table with their opponent. In the opening match, the “bulls” turned out to be stronger than Tyloo (2:0), and also with a score of (2:1) they won against Mousesports. By the way, the team has the highest win rate on the map Dust2 (62%), where they played eight times. Recall that the match against the “mice” turned out to be unexpectedly easy, since OG, having lost the first card, beat their counterparts on the remaining two maps with scores of (16:5) and (16:2), respectively.

Betting Statistics

  • G2 have won the last two matches against OG
  • OG are ranked 15th in the world ranking
  • The French have a series of two wins

G2 vs OG Prediction

G2, if they don’t play on the Dust2 map in the upcoming match, can figure out their opponent with a dry score. OG made a real sensation in the last match, but they are unlikely to repeat the success, since in previous head-to-head meetings they were stably inferior to the French.

  • Our prediction: G2 win

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