Esports. Dota 2. DreamLeague Season 13: Leipzig Major. Group stage.

When two Asian teams meet – be a fierce foreigner. It will be the same here.


For fans of e-sports, the Fnatic team always personifies a certain strength, regardless of the discipline where it is presented. And now the team in Dota 2 has a very strong roster, which without qualification passed qualifications for DreamLeague Season 13: Leipzig Major.

Many attribute this success to the fact that Lee SunBhie coach Jung Jae, who previously worked with Team Secret, is now working with Fnatic. This is a fairly powerful gain. Surely at the boot camp SunBhie already tried to play interesting bundles with the guys that they will show us during the tournament.

In the meantime, from the information, it is known that the guys ride the public, and everything else is hidden in the tournament. Fnatic loves to surprise both peaks and the game. Therefore, here you can expect that at some point the team can throw, and on the other hand, and vice versa comeback.

Team Aster

The team has almost everything hidden and getting information is problematic. The team in the qualifications lost only Revive and VG 0-2, then there was a game against EHOME, which the team successfully closed 2-0.

Then ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore started, but they’re the guys could not show a good enough level of the game. Yes, the rivals were strong, but the mediocre game of Sccc and other performers did not allow them to reach their full potential. The whole team felt at ease.

By the way, one can build on this. It can be seen that the guys have problems in important matches. First of all, psychological. If someone starts tilting, then they rarely get out of this state.

Naturally, this clearly indicates the class. But sometimes Aster can give a gorgeous match, and then failure will follow. Instability is generally a characteristic feature of Asian groups, but here Aster is a direct embodiment of this. Therefore, the teams can be expected anything, but they are unlikely to go far.

Fnatic vs Team Aster Head to Head

In total, one full-time meeting was played between the teams. In it, Fnatic easily moved Team Aster 2-0. But that was at the beginning of 2019. Almost a year has passed, so pay attention to that game is not worth it.

Fnatic vs Team Aster Prediction

When two teams meet with approximately the same performers on individual skill, it is always difficult to choose. But I will give my preference to Fnatic. And here the matter is the stability of the team. They do not have such ridiculous cookies, as Team Aster sometimes allow themselves. Therefore, I propose to play their victory in the match for a good 1.80.

Another option is the number of frags on the first map. Here the bookmakers offer a total of 42.5. The ratio is good – 1.87. You can play this because sometimes Asians arrange such a mess that the total breaks through without problems.