Within the third round of ESL Pro League tournament there will be a meeting between “fnatic” and “North” teams. The “North” in their usual manner lost the game against forZe, once again demonstrating their instability. Most likely, they will fail against the Swedes at all.


While in their debut game against BIG the Swedes looked lost, in the second match they showed a completely different game. “Fnatic” showed a great performance against Complexity, convincingly outplaying them with a 2-0 card score. This beautiful victory should give confidence to the Swedish Five, and the next opponent does not cause much threat.


How many times did North confidently start in tournaments, and the second matches were failed? It happens almost every championship. The “North” defeated “Natus Vincere”, but at the same time they failed against forZe, which is difficult for common sense. We believe that the Danes will go for the ride, as “fnatic” has been playing very well lately. By the way, the last time “North” played fnatic was on November 4, 2018.

Interesting Facts

  • The teams have met 33 times, with fnatic winning 19 times
  • North doesn’t use inferno

fnatic vs North Prediction

The Mirage map fits well with the aggressive free-style fnatic style, as well as with the passionate manner of playing North. It’s hard to say which side will win today, because each team has its own prerequisites to be stronger on this map today.

However “fnatic” are determined to win. They have several trumps up their sleeves at once. First, the guys have a wide mapp pool. Second, they’re also obviously superior individually. Third, the previous five head-to-head meetings ended in favor of the Swedes, so we suggest betting on the victory of fnatic with an accurate score of 2-0 on cards.

Our prediction: fnatic will win

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