On April 12, Fnatic and Mousesports will meet in the ESL Pro League Grand Final, and we have a prediction for this fight. Will the Mice rehabilitate for the past loss?


Fnatic perfectly adapted to the online format of the tournament and in the last two meetings they won the rivals dry. In the first case, the Swedes defeated Mousesports (2:0), and in the next match they won against the best team in the world, represented by Natus Vincere. Krimz is the only player in the squad to have completed all four past matches with a positive record. It is also worth noting that fnatic feel comfortable on Dust2 and Inferno maps, where they have 75% win rate.


Mousesports in the last match unexpectedly managed to take revenge from Astralis, although they had previously suffered a crushing defeat. The Mice did some work on the bugs and prevailed on Dust2 and Nuke, but failed Inferno, meanwhile, taking only five rounds. Young link in the person of ropz and frozen played perfectly, they did 66 and 61 kills, respectively. The team once again proved that it is very strong at Dust2, because it won 83% of matches on this map.

Betting Statistics

  • Mousesports won the last match – 2:0.
  • Fnatic occupy the fifth line of the rating.
  • “Mice” are in fourth place.

fnatic vs Mousesports Prediction

Fnatic are in great shape, but Mousesports have proven that they can beat any opponent. In the previous BO5 match, the “mice” confidently dealt with the Swedes. In general, the Mauza play great in the final matches, which cannot be said about fnatic who cannot concentrate and show the best game.

  • Our prediction: Mousesports win

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