Fnatic and Complexity lost their first matches in the tournament, and therefore, on March 20 at 00:15 (UTC), relations between themselves were clarified. How will the confrontation end? Look for the answer in the prediction.

Fnatic form

Fnatic has been stably in the top five teams lately, but they lack stability to become the best in the world. For example, recently the team passed qualifications in Minor and defeated Dignitas with a score of (2:1), and then lost on BIG – (1:2) on three cards.

It was noticeable that the online character of the match affected the Swedes, and they didn’t give all the best. That is why, perhaps, in the second meeting, they will try harder and play as disciplined as possible.

Complexity form

Complexity also unexpectedly lost in the first forZe meeting with a score of (1:2), although on the decisive map they were very close to getting win, because they lost to the opponent only in extra time. Prior to this, the team in other tournaments without problems dealt with Sprout (2:0) and GODSENT (2:0).

Despite the defeat, blameF did a great job with the team, and the lineup under his leadership began to play much better than before.

Fnatic vs Complexity Prediction

Most likely, Fnatic, even if they prevail, will do so on three maps. Complexity has been very unstable lately and is causing problems even to top rivals, so online can well compete for success with the Swedes, who unsuccessfully held their debut match.

Fnatic vs Complexity live stream