On February 20, we will have another match in the NHL regular season between Anaheim Ducks and Florida Panthers. Will the Panthers be able to continue fighting for the Top 8? Or will an outsider of the championship make a sensation? – We have already made a prediction for you!

Panthers vs Ducks Score Prediction: 4 : 3

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Florida Will Win Over 6 Game Totals
Odds: -135
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Odds: -113
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Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers is struggling to get into the cup stage. To date, it’s based on the 10th line, with only 4 points separating it from the playoff zone. Lately, the Panthers have been showing disgusting results. They have won 3 games out of 10, this is due to the fact that they are having difficulties in the goal line. The backup goalkeeper (Chris Dridger) is still in the infirmary, while the main goalkeeper (Sergey Bobrovsky) is not doing his job well. This season the Russian can’t boast a good safety factor, he is clearly not in the best game form.

Joel Kenneville’s players won the away win over San Jose Sharks (5-3) in an extreme confrontation, thus interrupting a series of 2 losses.

Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks are at the bottom of the Western Conference table, worse than Los Angeles. They scored 55 points in 59 games played. This club promotes viscous and power hockey, having though a terrible realization of scoring chances. Anaheim has no high-class performers in the attack, so they acts as number two and relies on the goalie line.

The Ducks perform with varying success, alternating victories with defeats. It’s worth noting that they did pretty well with the last away series. First they unexpectedly defeated Vancouver Canucks (6-0), and then they had a great opportunity to take revenge on Calgary Flames, but they couldn’t hold their lead. In the third period, the ducks missed 5 unrequited pucks. This indicates that they have poor physical preparation and extremely unreliable defense.

Betting Tips Statistic

  • The teams have 5 wins each in their latest 5 head-to-head matches.
  • Both Florida and Anaheim have only two wins in their latest 5 League games
  • The Ducks won 12 home matches out of 23 games this season
  • The Panthers won 15 away games out of 25 matches

Injuries reports

  • Florida Panthers: B. Boyle, C. Driedger
  • Anaheim Ducks: R. Kesler, E. Gudbranson, O. Kase (?)

Panthers vs Ducks Prediction

In the last match the Panthers showed character, it shows that they are not going to give up and will continue to fight for the playoffs. Their upcoming opponent is an outsider in the league, who has lost any chance to pass to the cup stage, so the extreme games are played without much motivation. We should also not forget that Florida Panthers is a team much higher class than Anaheim Ducks.

Our prediction: Florida Panthers will win.

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At what time are the teams to play?
The game time is February 19, 2020, 10:00 PM ET

Where to watch the game?

What are the teams’ positions in the standings?
Florida is the 10th team in the Eastern Conference and Anaheim is the 14th team in the Western Conference

How many wins and losses do the teams have?
The Panthers have 31 wins and 22 losses. The Ducks have 24 wins and 28 losses