Krajinovic continues to appear on the tour extremely unstable. After all, it is difficult to expect anything specific from him. A tennis player can go on the court and without any chance to lose to an obvious outsider. And it can give a fight to conditional “Federer”.
What to expect from the Serb in the upcoming match? – read in our prediction.

At what time does Filip Krajinovic vs Tallon Griekspoor play?
The game time is February 11, 2020, at 07:50 PM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Filip Krajinovic takes the 39th positions and Tallon Griekspoor takes the 172nd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Filip Krajinovic have?
Filip Krajinovic has won 62% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Tallon Griekspoor have?
Tallon Griekspoor has won 60% of the games as a favorite.

Filip Krajinovic

Krajinovic, the most real strong middle peasant! This tennis player clearly does not claim to win in the tournaments in which he participates, but he goes through his 2-3 rounds stably, and does not allow himself to make mistakes on opponents of an openly weak level. Here, in fact, at the tournament in Montpellier, in which the Serb participated just a couple of days ago, and he showed the real level of Krajinovic.

Three rounds he went without problems, sweeping away modest rivals to the class with a score of 2-0. As soon as he came across an opponent at the Monfils level, he immediately gave him the way to the tournament further, he himself went to this tournament. So on the courts of Rotterdam is performed by Filip, to expect the same result, 2-3 rounds, while the rivals are modest, he must confidently pass, but then how it goes.

Tallon Griekspoor

Tallon Griekspoor, got to the Rotterdam level tournament purely because of his nationality, as the owner, so to speak. Usually tournaments in which the Griekspoor participates are of much lower quality. The representative of the Netherlands may be at some kind of tournament in Poland, Finland, Bosnia, where tournaments are at least more or less average in general.

Now, Griekspoor is in 172th place in the world ranking, well, and this position probably fully reflects it game class. At unpaved, small tournaments, the representative of the “orange” country feels quite confident, there are victories, and he earns points in the rating. Well, the appearance at this tournament, this is more like an excursion for him, so that Tallon would understand that this is real tennis, and not tournaments in Poland, and Finland, where he usually participates.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • This will be the first meeting of tennis players on the court.
  • Tallon Griekspoor won the last three of his four matches.
  • Filip Krajinovic finished the last four of his five matches on total under (21.5).


Krajinovic had already nailed to the Indore a week in Montpellier, where he defeated three opponents such as Griekspoor, namely Enzo Couacaud, Michael Ymer and Sergio Barrera. It is all the more surprising that he could not compete with Monfils in the semifinal from the word at all. But still, the Serb’s form is now really good and he beats the rivals of the end of the first hundred of the rating in the class in less than an hour. Do not forget that the best result in his career, the Krajinovic, the primer, reached on Indore when he reached the Masters finals in Paris. Now, years later, Filip only improved his attack, so he began to win even more often. Griekspoor is still very far from any breakthrough in his career. First, he needs to enter the top 100 and consistently win the Challengers.

The class of tennis players is completely different. Krajnovic should not have any problems in this fight. To rivals like Griekspoor, he snaps like seeds. In this match, I bet on the confident victory of the Serb.

Our prediction: Krainovic’s victory

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