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What is FIFA betting?

An important part of eSports is FIFA tournaments. For the World Cyber ​​Games competition, probably only lazy bookmakers did not accept bets. This competition has international status. At this championship, tournaments were held in various e-sports disciplines, and FIFA managed to gather almost the largest audience.

FIFA is significantly different from real football. The fact is that in real football real people play on the field, they get wages, they are trained, they are injured, they can be unmotivated. But in virtual football, all these nuances are controlled by one or more gamers. It is these people who determine the starting lineup for the match, choose tactics, substitutes and other less important details. Here the status of the team or the names of the players do not solve anything, because the main thing is the skill of gamers. And this must be taken into account if you decide to start doing this e-sports discipline.