On April 4, 2020 at 13:25 the match between FaZe Clan (Europe) and forZe (Russia) will take place within the main stage of ESL Pro League 11 Europe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Which team has more chances to win? – Read in our prediction.


The European team “FaZe Clan” has gained an incredible gaming form. At the moment it has settled on 10 positions in the HLTV rating table. It should be noted that she left the group by a miracle, but took a great chance. FaZe got off to a pretty good start with the ESL Pro League, they didn’t have any problems with outsiders, but there were often difficulties with equal in strength opponents, such as: “G2” and “mousesports”.


The Russian team of “forZe” demonstrated a phenomenal game in the group stage, taking the third place, although it had a rather complicated group. To date, it has been based on 21 positions in the world ranking. As part of the ESL Pro League he had 5 confrontations, only 2 of which were defeated. He lost to such teams as: “Fnatic” and “Natus Vincere”. Most interestingly, in both games he had a good chance to win, but the lack of experience affected.

Betting Statistics

  • The current FaZe streak is 2 wins. 1 win on forZe account.
  • The FaZe Clan team takes 7th place in the CS:GO team ranking, which is 7 points higher than fZe’s 14th position.
  • The total victory rate is higher forZe at 64.41% vs. 54.80% for FaZe Clan.

FaZe vs forZe

In this confrontation, we advise you to play the victory of the Europeans. We understand perfectly well that the “FaZe” show a high level of online play, they have repeatedly made sensations. However, you should take into account the fact that this is a match on departure, in which the Europeans will play in full force. We are confident that the lack of proper experience will play a key role in this meeting. In addition, the FaZe Clan team outperforms their opponent both individually and tactically. These teams have a similar map pool, I do not rule out the fact that 3 cards will be played.

  • Our prediction: FaZe will win

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