FaZe Clan will fight OG on April 3 at 17:00 (UTC), and our experts prepared a prediction for this fight. Is it possible for the Bulls to take at least one card in the confrontation?

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan started this tournament unsuccessfully and in the first meetings were defeated by Mousesports (1:2) and G2 Esports (1:2), having won so far only Virtus.pro with a score of (2:0). The team plays well, but in key moments it lacks banal concentration and coordination. We emphasize that Europeans are very strong on the Mirage and Nuke cards, where they have 86% win rate.


The tier-2 level team couldn’t please their fans for a long time, and now, after a magnificent series of three wins, lost to the group’s outsider in the person of Virtus.pro, taking only one card. But earlier, OG defeated Tyloo (2:0), Mousesports (2:1) and G2 Esports (2:0). Against the “bears”, OG took Dust2 into their assets, but lost on the Overpass and Inferno maps, not having scored more than 13 rounds on any of them.

Betting Statistics

  • The previous two matches of the three OG had a total of 2.5 over
  • FaZe Clan had two of three last fights with a total of 2.5 over
  • OG lost in the last meeting

FaZe Clan vs OG Prediction

FaZe Clan will take away win in the upcoming fight, but they will get it in a tense struggle. Even despite the fact that OG in the last match were defeated by an outsider, they are likely to take at least one card into their assets, because they have not given way for a long time.

  • Our prediction: FaZe Clan win and total over 2.5 maps

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FaZe Clan vs OG live stream