Garin showed plain tennis in Cordoba, because he made a lot of mistakes. Everyone can claim the title. Should he continue to play further at that level? – Check our prediction to ATP Buenos Aires

At what time does Facundo Diaz Acosta vs Cristian Garin play?
The game time is February 11, 2020, at 15:50 GMT-3

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Facundo Diaz Acosta takes the 471d positions and Cristian Garin takes the 26th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Facundo Diaz Acosta have?
Facundo Diaz Acosta has won 50% of games as a favorite

How many wins and losses does Cristian Garin have?
Cristian Garin has won 51% of the games as a favorite

Facundo Diaz Acosta

Diaz Acosta recently began performing among professionals. And while the Argentinean can’t boast of rapid progress, because he still spends all his playing time on the Futures and only recently entered the top 500. It is worth noting that Facundo is completely dependent on the ground, since he doesn’t even try his hand at fast courts , and when he does come to hard, in most cases he flies out at the start. So far, in his game, a tennis player can not boast of anything special. He only keeps the ball in court and at the first opportunity seeks to move on to attacking actions.

At the moment, Facundo Diaz Acosta is one of the overdog of this tournament, because this season there was no participation in other competitions of such a high class. Often these were simple Challengers, where there were enough opponents from the third and fourth hundred of the world tennis rating. How Facundo will behave in a match with a more serious opponent is not yet clear, because it is unlikely to be able to set your own pace and fully control the game, as was the case in all previous fights.

Cristian Garin

No matter how Garin tried to add on fast coatings, he is still completely dependent on the ground, where he gets almost all of his rating points. In recent months, a Chilean traveled from tournament to tournament and occasionally showed up in the final stages. But just the beginning of the unpaved stretch, when Cristian sensationalized and won the next ATP tournament. Now it will be interesting to see if Garin will be able to prove himself at a high level this season.

For six years, managed to win two times, so that Cristian Garin is again among the main favorites and will try to meet the expectations of fans.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • This will be the first match between players
  • Christian rank is much higher
  • Cristian Garin has 45 wins and 47 losses
  • Facundo Diaz Acosta don’t have experience in such tournaments


Garin will receive a few days of desired relaxation. In addition, the tournament is held in Argentina and he will not have to overcome long distances. Diaz Acosta is a young game and will act without any fear, but between them there is a whole “breakthrough in the class”. So Christian Garin will close the opponent in two sets.

Our prediction is Cristian Garin victory

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