Guido Pella did not perform in the best way at the last dirt tournament, because during the meeting he acted exclusively in the second number, which was perfectly used by the opponent. Now the Argentinean will definitely try to rehabilitate himself in front of his fans. Will he succeed?

At what time will Facundo Bagnis vs Guido Pella play?
The game time is February 13, 2020, at 07:00 PM ART.

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Facundo Bagnis takes the 134th position and Guido Pella takes the 27th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Facundo Bagnis have?
Facundo Bagnis has won 60% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Guido Pella have?
Guido Pella has won 63% of the games as a favorite.

Facundo Bagnis

A few years ago, Bagnis made his debut in the top 100. However, he could not hold out there for a long time, because the tennis player scored all his rating points on Challengers. And then he decided to focus exclusively on ATP tournaments and completely failed.

At the moment, Facundo is going through a difficult period in his career, as he has been marking time in one place for a long time. There were stability issues because Facundo regularly loses outright to outsiders. Do not forget that Banis is successful only on profile soil.

At one time, Bagnis showed great promise. Once he even occupied 55th place in the Asia-Pacific Region ranking. But apparently the Argentine caught the “star disease”. His results have deteriorated, and now he occupies the 134th line.

Speaking at the Buenos Aires tournament is a great opportunity to significantly improve your position. Last year, Facundo flew out in the first round, so now he is gaining rating points. In the previous match, Bagnis beat Andrei Martin, giving his opponent only five games (6-1, 6-4). But before that, in qualification, the Argentine only in three sets passed Italian Alessandro Giannessi and Portuguese Pedro Sousa.

Guido Pella

Although linen is considered a “primer”, when it is in optimal shape, it is able to produce results on fast coatings. All this thanks to a confident and varied game on the backline. Guido, in an incredible way, is able to make his opponents take risks unjustifiably, and then at the most unexpected moment seize the initiative.

It is difficult for the Argentinean to break through on the backline since even on hard he uses slip and takes out balls of any complexity. What the tennis player really lacks is the pitch.

Pella did not start well in this stretch of the dirt season. Last week, the Argentine did not manage to overcome the second round of the tournament in Cordoba, where he lost to Corentin Moutet (7-6, 5-7, 3-6). Thus, Guido did not defend his last year’s finals. As a result of this, he moved to the 27th line in the world ranking.

In Buenos Aires, Pella must defend the semi-finals. If he doesn’t succeed, he will approach the departure from the top 50.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In full-time meetings, the score is 6-5 in favor of Pella.
  • Bagnis won 47 matches last season on clay. Pella – 21.
  • In the last match, Guido defeated Facundo with a score of 6-1, 6-1.

Facundo Bagnis vs Guido Pella Predictions

Despite recent successes, little is believed that Bagnis will be able to give Pella a fight. With the exception of the match with Martin, in the remaining fights, Facundo acted not in the best way. In qualifying, he had problems with Souza and Janessa, and in Cordoba, he lost to Ramos with a difference of three games.

Pella is very familiar with the manner of playing Bagnis. We believe that this time the opponent will not be underestimated.

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