Very soon on March 22 the next game will bring together SKADE and EndPoint teams. Opponents will fight as part of the ESEA Advanced Season 33 Europe CS:GO tournament.

Evil Geniuses

In the last couple of months, the North American Grand managed to take 2nd place at the DreamLeague S13, passed the regional qualification at the ESL One Los Angeles Major, and also stopped in 3rd place at the recently completed The Summit S12. The last result is difficult to consider as positive, but at the mentioned tournament EG obviously did not give 100% and allowed themselves to make too many unnecessary mistakes.

This applies both to the game itself and to the drafts, which in the final matches of the summit did not allow for close competition with motivated opponents. This is how the Evil Geniuses first lost to Fnatic (1-2), and then sensationally lost to the second OG (1-2). On WeSave! Evil Geniuses should play with more motivation, as this may be the only large-scale competition in the near future.

Business Associates

The extreme tournament for BA was SL ImbaTV Minor, which took place at the beginning of the month in Kiev. Despite the confident victories in two starting matches of the group stage and the subsequent entry into the upper net, the team was not able to avoid failure. At first, it unexpectedly lost to forZe (1-2), and then lost to BOOM (1-2) even more sensationally. First of all, the guys were let down by too one-sided drafts, which were devoid of variability and did not give them an opportunity to adjust in a situation where something on the map went wrong.

The strength of Business Associates is the reliability at the leaning stage, allowing them to enter the mid-game with good positions to achieve a positive result. As for the weaknesses, it is just the inability to finish the game on time, when reaching a critical mass of their heroes.

Interesting Facts

  • The current EG stripe is 2 defeats. 2 defeats on the BizAss account.
  • The total victory rate is higher for Evil Geniuses and is 65.43% against 54.55% for Business Associates.
  • The Evil Geniuses team is ranked 6th in the Dota 2 ranking, which is 62 points higher than BizAss’ 68th position.

Evil Geniuses vs Business Associates Prediction

Evil Geniuses are superior to their opponents in all indicators, but do not forget the fact that this tournament is held online. It is quite possible that EG will not take this fight seriously, as nothing depends on it. In addition, BA has a good lineup, it can impose a fight and at least take one card. Evil Geniuses rarely lose to weak teams, but an underestimation of the opponent can play here. Moreover, “fear” used to play for EG, he knows very well what to do against his former team. Still responsibility is the quality you shouldn’t remind the players of Evil Geniuses of. We would advise to bet on them

Our prediction: Evil Geniuses will win

Evil Geniuses vs Business Associates live stream