The intriguing battle between former four weight class champion Mikey Garcia and former two weight class champion Jesse Vargas will be the highlight of the March 1 boxing night at the Ford Center Arena in Frisco, Texas. At stake in this fight will be a special WBC Diamond belt from the World Boxing Council. Who will be the winner? Consult our prediction

At what time Evgeny Tishchenko and Marcos Antonio Aumada fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 5:00 PM (UTC+5).

Where to watch the fight?
Box Rec

How many wins and losses Tishchenko have?
Evgeny Tishchenko has 6 wins and no losses.

How many wins and losses Aumada have?
Marcos Antonio Aumada has 21 win and 8 losses.

Evgeny Tishchenko

The 28-year-old Russian is well known to boxing fans for his performances in the amateur ring. In 2016, Yevgeny was at the center of the scandal: in the final of the Olympics judges gave him a victory and, accordingly, a gold medal, although his rival Vasily Levit took at least two out of three rounds. Nevertheless, this excitement only drew attention to Tishchenko and pushed him to move to professional boxing.

Evgeny made his debut as a pro in August 2018 and spent 6 fights, winning 6 victories. Initially, the Russian started as a heavyweight, but the coaching staff quickly realized that Tishchenko was small for this weight category (his weight did not exceed 96.8 kg). The Olympic champion has excellent data for the cruiserweight – height 196 cm and handspan 200 cm, as well as good amateur school. By the way, he doesn’t have a strong kick, but he has shortened four opponents.

It is difficult to talk about Eugene’s prospects, because he boxes in Russia against little-known opponents. For further development he needs to move to the United States. By the way, he goes to a training camp, most often in North America. So, Tishchenko helped to prepare Taison Fury for the fight against Otto Ullin. Sparring sessions with such guys will give the Russian an invaluable experience.

Marcos Antonio Aumada

The 33-year-old Argentinean debuted in the professional ring in 2011 and spent most of his fights in his native Argentina. Aumada is only 62nd in the overall ranking of the first heavy division, which is an order of magnitude higher than the previous opponents of Tishchenko.

Russian fans already know this boxer – in 2017 he came to Voronezh to box and lost by knockout in the third round to Alexei Papin. In total, Aumada has had 29 fights and won 21 victories. Marcos Antonio lost three times ahead of schedule – Alejandro Valori, Patricio Pitto and the aforementioned Papa. Eugene has a good chance to knock out the Argentinean.

Aumada loses to the Russian in size – his height is 186 cm with a handspan of 189 cm. The Latin American has a good kick and knocked out 16 opponents. He is several levels lower than Tishchenko in speed, combat intelligence and footwork. It is no secret that the Argentinean is just a passing opponent for the Olympic champion on the way to the big battles.

Tishchenko and Aumada Prediction

Bookmakers put the the win in favour of Eugene Tishchenko. The Russian should pass such an opponent with his eyes closed. Judging by the last performances, Eugene has finally adapted to the professional ring and shows stable boxing. Aumada will not jump above his head. The ceiling of the Argentinean is to hold out until the middle of the battle.

  • We predict a victory of Evgeny Tishchenko.