Evgeny Donskoy

On January 17 2020 Evgeny Donskoy and Viktor Galovic faced each other in a match from ATP, Australian Open in Melbourne . 

Evgeny Donskoy

Donskoy currently occupies 106th place in the world ranking and probably wants to improve his position. In this he can help participate in the main draw of the Australian Open, to which there are two steps left. In the current season, the Russian has already managed to hold five fights, one of which was in the qualification of the Australian major – in the first round of the selection Donskoy beat Brazilian Joan Menezes (6-7, 6-1, 7-6).

Viktor Galovic

Galovic did not spray on other tournaments at the beginning of the season and decided to start the year immediately with the Australian Open. In the first round of qualification, the Croatian tennis player defeated the representative of Ecuador Emilio Gomez (7-6, 2-6, 6-3). Judging Galovic’s physical readiness for one match is quite difficult, but in a duel against Gomez, the Croatian won 76 percent points in the first serve and managed to take the opponent’s serve twice.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Previously, tennis players have not met each other
  • Donskoy is located on the 106th place of the ATP rating, Galovic – 246th.

Evgeny Donskoy vs Viktor Galovic Prediction

Galovic had only one match in the starting season, Donskoy – five, therefore, in terms of playing practice, the Russian will surely have an advantage over the Croatian tennis player. The last Donskoy fight ended in three sets, nevertheless, the Russian managed to break through the minus odds. Evgeny could be able to win with a comfortable score.

Our prediction – Evgeny Donskoy to win