Best esports games in 2020

What are the biggest games for eSport betting?

Although eSport is trending these days, the choice of disciplines is still fairly limited. One of the basic requirements for an eSports game is that the championship, along with the skill of the players, should prevail over the element of luck. Pure coincidence (happy or unfortunate) should not determine the result of the cup. Personal and team skills play a crucial role. Another imperative is equal opportunities for all members. The most popular eSports options are presented below.

The list of the most popular esports games:

  • League of Legends betting
  • Dota 2 bets
  • Counter-Strike (CS: GO)
  • Starcraft 2 bets
  • Hearthstone betting
  • Overwatch betting
  • Fortnite betting
  • Pubg betting

The Top Esports Games 2020

Dota 2

Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), as well as real-time strategy games. The principle is relatively simple in itself, because two teams, each with five competitors, compete against each other. There are two factions, the so-called “Dire” and “Radiant”, which each try to destroy the enemy base. But as simple as it sounds, the more complex it is in reality.

On the way towards the enemy base there are defense towers that have to be destroyed first, enemy computer-controlled units and of course the five opponents, who also thieves the same thief There are over 100 selectable heroes, each of whom is characterized by individual skills and the respective one Gamers are available to choose from. Most teams coordinate their characters to get the best possible tactical result.

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League of Legends

Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

That’s what it’s all about: A team of champions tries to destroy the Nexus or Ancient in the opponent’s base. To do this, the heroes must first gain experience to unlock new skills. And they have to buy items to fortify themselves. The computer-controlled monsters that give experience and gold are helpful.

LoL and Dota are very similar in style of play: in League of Legends, the heroes’ abilities are somewhat weaker, but can be used more often, making the game a bit more dynamic. At Dota there are three shops on the map to buy items, at LoL only one.

The games also differ in the available content. While with LoL you can only play ten heroes in weekly rotation and you have to buy the others free, with Dota you can play all heroes directly and buy cosmetic changes for them.

There are five players per team, who choose their champions alternately with their opponents for tactical reasons. Mostly four players split the three ways the AI  monsters move, and the last player is in the “jungle” around the ways.

The teams try to kill opposing champions or trigger certain events to gain an advantage with which they can defeat the opposing team. Most tournaments are played several times in a row in best-of mode.

Most important tournament: “The International” is the competition with the largest prize money of all tournaments, in 2018 almost 25.5 million US dollars were distributed. The “League of Legends World Championship” is also very well equipped with 6.45 million prize money. In both tournaments, the prize money will be increased by the purchases of the fans to this enormous sum.

The games were inspired by the Warcraft III Mod Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and triggered a new MOBA hype. The League of Legends game scene is considered relatively “toxic” because many players insult each other and sabotage the game. Dota developer Valve had to fight with Warcraft 3 developer Blizzard over the naming rights.

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Genre: first person shooter

This is what it is about: while the “terrorists” are trying to place a bomb or defeat the opposing team, the “anti-terrorist unit” has to take out the opponent beforehand or defuse the bomb.

There are five players per team, each playing 15 rounds as a terrorist and as an anti-terrorist unit on a card. A round continues until the bomb has been successfully released / defused or until a team has lost all players. The team that wins 16 rounds first also gets the card. Depending on the tournament, several cards are played in best-of mode.

Most important tournament: Developer Valve chooses two “Major” tournaments each year and raises the prize money to $ 1 million. The ESL One Cologne in the Cologne Arena is one of the most famous tournaments in the world and has been a major several times, the tournament usually takes place in July.

Counter-Strike was one of the first professional competitive eSports games when it was released in 1999, in the current version the version “Global Offensive” (GO) is played.

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FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer

Genre: sports simulation

That’s what it’s all about: football!

A new version of the game appears every year, but the competition mode usually remains the same. Each player controls a team and there is a return game, one of the games being played on Playstation 4 and the other on Xbox One, since players usually prefer a specific console or controller. Since the FIFA games are equipped with the official license and therefore also the name of the real players, the game dominates within reach compared to competitor Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Most important tournament: The FIFA eWorld Cup is the largest tournament and is supported by the World Football Association. After long qualifications, the final last took place in London each year in August. The PES developer wants to keep up and is cooperating with UEFA. It hosts the PES League, where the prize money is similar to that of the FIFA eWorld Cup, which is why some FIFA players are active in both egames.

The Virtual Bundesliga is a league organized by the developer Electronic Arts and the DFL. 22 soccer clubs in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga send their teams into the race, including e.g. also eSports pioneer VfL Bochum and Schalke 04. The strength of the teams is not comparable to the real world, because Greuther Fürth is also involved, while top teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich do not have their own FIFA team. Another special feature of FIFA are the different modes: First, the skill level of all virtual figures is the same, while at FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) you can put together your own team from chargeable cards.

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Genre: Battle Royale

Fortnite uses an end-time scenario: 98 percent of the world’s population has disappeared. The remaining two percent, to which one also belongs as a player, are threatened by zombie attacks by the so-called “husks”, which descend from the earth to storms.

As a player, you have to perform various tasks. This includes eliminating zombies, collecting resources and rebuilding parts of civilization through forts, so-called “forts”, and fighting other players. The player who survives last wins.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Genre: Battle Royale

PUBG is already in full swing at the beginning of the game: Equipped with a parachute, the player of the survival e-game falls out of a transport plane. He is accompanied by a maximum of 99 other participants in one of three different worlds that are available. Landed on an island, the respective player tries to survive last in shooter mode. So the game works according to the last man standing principle.

PUBG is an eSport game of the Battle Royale variety: This means that everyone can play against each other in individual mode or teams with up to four players compete against each other. So that the players meet and there is a confrontation, the playing field becomes ever smaller. Anyone who moves outside the defined zone dies.

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Apex Legends

Genre: Battle Royale

Apex Legends still has the problem with the missing youth release, but the newcomer can show some new tactical tricks, so you are not necessarily dead immediately, but can be revived by his two teammates at respawn points. In addition, the teams of three with different classes offer an aspect that other eSports titles often take up and make successful.

The Battle Royale games are still newcomers to the eSports scene but are more popular than other titles. This is also because the players have to be entertainers at the same time because they make their money on streaming platforms and not at tournaments. It is therefore also unclear whether the games will prevail as eSports – because the young audience can also serve them from home.

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StarCraft II

Genre: real-time strategy game

The three races, Terran, Zerg and Protoss, fight each other on battlefields by continually building a base and extracting minerals that are necessary for the combat units. With the combat units you try to defeat the opponent simultaneously. The mixture of macro management (building up and expanding the base) and micromanagement (warring the opposing units) requires a lot of multitasking.

A player chooses one of the three races and tries to destroy the opponent’s base. In the tournaments, several cards are usually played in a row in the best-of mode.

Most important tournament: The World Championship Series with its global finals, which developer Blizzard will hold annually from the end of October at the in-house exhibition “Blizzcon” in Anaheim / USA.

Due to the enormous popularity of the first part, the game in South Korea already filled entire stadiums when other eSports titles were still in their infancy. The game is used to test the skills of Artificial Intelligence Deepmind, since the game is very complex to use. While the base needs to be expanded, you control a large number of individual units.

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Overwatch is a mixture of classic shooters like Counter-Strike and MOBAs like League of Legends. Players can choose from different heroes and even change them while waiting for the resuscitation. The game goals depend on the game mode, so sometimes you have to escort a delivery to the destination (escort), conquer two checkpoints in succession from the opposing team’s defense lines (assault) or duel freely over several checkpoints and control them (control). The modes Escort and Assault can also be played mixed (hybrid).

For each team there are six players who try to counter the opposing combination with their mix of heroes with unique abilities. There are at least four games with the game modes Escort, Assault, Control and Hybrid.

Most important tournament: The Overwatch League, which according to the concept of the developer Blizzard should participate in the US sports leagues with a minimum salary, revenue share and franchises. The season begins in February and runs through the group phase, playoffs and the grand finale until July / August.

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