On March 20 at 19:00 (UTC), we will have a curious meeting between Envy and MIBR, in which the Brazilians try to please their fans with a quality game and compete for success. Will they be able to do this? Look for the answer in the Prediction.

Envy form

Envy currently occupy 44th position in the world ranking and gathered among those players who had previously consistently performed at Tier-2 level. However, the team plays quite unstable and can beat both a strong opponent and unexpectedly give way to not the most powerful counterpart. For example, Envy recently dealt with Chaos with a score of (2:1), and in the previous match they were defeated by Gen.G – (1:2). Don’t forget that in the last meeting the team played with a replacement.

MIBR form

MIBRs are in terrible shape and it’s likely that new changes will occur in the composition very soon. After the Argentinean came to the squad, the team’s game didn’t get better, and it completely dropped to 26th line in the world ranking. Brazilians have problems even at Tier-2 level and are inferior to rivals such as Complexity (0:2) and Chaos (0:2), without even gaining a single point. The team practically doesn’t play Dust2, Overpass and Nuke cards and spent no more than three matches on them.

Envy vs MIBR Prediction

Envy has excellent chances to fight against MIBR, as the Brazilians are in poor shape and lose even to weak tier-2 teams. Based on how things are with “Made in Brazil”, we take the victory of the Europeans.

Envy vs MIBR live stream