Endpoint at the ESEA MDL tournament, on April 13 at 16:00 (UTC), to battle OFFSET, and our team will give a prediction for this event. Will the Portuguese win?


Endpoint takes 40th place in the world ranking. The team is now in bad shape, the last five games show us that. But the team, in addition to three defeats, was able to win two meetings, which ended with a score of (2:0). Endpoin play pretty well on the Vertigo map, on this map they have 72% win rate. On Dust 2, players also feel pretty confident, and they have 54% win rate on this map, which is pretty good.


OFFSET are now in terrible shape and have no world-class rank yet. The team in the last five meetings didn’t show the proper game. They lost the last meeting with a score of (1:2) VP, who have nothing to do this season. The club doesn’t have the best map, but you can highlight a good game on Inferno. In their last three games there got two wins.


  • Endpoint won two out of last five past meetings
  • OFFSET lost five last games

Endpoint vs OFFSET Prediction

Several months have passed since the last full-time game and the teams must have prepared a lot of chips that will be used in the match. We believe that in the upcoming match Endpoint will win. Their five looked pretty good in past matches, although most of them lost. But here their rival is in terrible shape, and the worst map for them is Vertigo, which Endpoint likes to play on.

  • Our prediction: Endpoint win

Endpoint vs OFFSET live stream